Printing of Cheap Flyers

Cheapest Flyer Printing Store in Vegas

Cheapest flyer printing store in Vegas can get you flyers printed in large quantities at discount pricing. In these hard economic times, why pay retail when you can get printing at wholesale ? Cheapest flyer printing store can also get you discount brochure printing, wholesale business card and custom postcard printing at great pricing.

Your local cheapest flyer printing store can get you quality flyers printed on 80lb or 100lb paper and then treated with a special UV or AQ coating to give them a shiny, professional look that you would be proud to distribute to your clients. Currently, you can buy 5,000 one half page flyers, 5.5″ x 8.5″, for around $160.00   This includes full color printing ( including pictures on the flyer ) and printed on both sides. Of course, flyers can be printed on many different sizes of paper such as 1/4  page sheets, 5″ x 7″ size, 6″ x 9″ size and full size paper. One can have 5,000 1/4 page flyers printed for just about $100 as well.

Many local stores are using flyers as a way to market to their customers since most customers live within a mile of a small store. By using flyers, a store can order 5,000 flyers and target a neighborhood within a mile of their store twice. For example, a pizza place will use one side of the flyer for a coupon for a large pizza and then use the other side for a full menu to let people know what kind of Italian food they have at their location. Another small Laundromat will use one side of the flyer to advertise in English and then the other side in Spanish to market to their customers.

Your cheapest flyer printing store  in Vegas can help you with all your printing needs at discount prices. Contact one of them today and save a lot of money and improve your business.