Printing of Cheap Flyers

Low Cost Promotional Flyers For Advertising

Low cost promotional flyers are a sure fire way of getting your event or store noticed by customers. Low cost promotional flyers are  great for passing out to customers or passing out to strangers in order to get them to come to your business.

Several of the night clubs and event centers in Las Vegas hire young, attractive girls to walk the Las Vegas strip and chat up tourists about their experiences. During the conversation, they mention that the night club or event center that they work for has an event tonight that they would like. They hand out the promotional flyer to the tourist and entice them to go to the club or event. The girls get paid bonuses on how many customers come to the club with the flyer ( since the flyer usually has a free drink or  free entrance coupon on it) with the promotional girl’s name. These low cost promotional flyers are handed out by the hundreds every night by these girls to keep the clubs and events full. The promotional flyer will have a coupon on it or gimmick along with the name of the club / event and a map on where it is to make it easy for the tourists to find. This type of advertising returns high rewards and is very popular in Las Vegas.

Low cost promotional flyers come in many different sizes to match your marketing needs. The small 1/4 page and 1/2 page double sided full color flyers are very popular and very cheap in price. You can get 5,000 1/4 page flyers printed on both sides in full color for around $100 and 5,000 double sided half page flyers printed for around $160.00

Make contact with your local sign printer or print shop and take advantage of these cheap flyers and see how they can help your business be more successful.