Premium 33 x 80 Banner Stands in Vegas

Upright Banner Signs in Las Vegas

Upright banner signs are also known as retractable banner stands and are extremely popular at the trade shows and conventions held in Las Vegas. These upright banner signs can be placed just about anywhere because they are self standing and very portable. Las Vegas is the king of trade shows and conventions ( Vegas has millions of square feet of show space available at different locations within the city and almost every hotel on the fabulous Las Vegas strip has thousands of square feet of space available for smaller and more intimate conventions ). Las Vegas also has the infrastructure in place ( hotels and restaurants and entertainment ) to make your convention in Vegas a memorable experience.

Upright banner signs come in many different sizes to match your display needs. These banner stands come as small as 24″ wide and go all the way up to around 60″ wide with varying height. The most popular upright banner sign is the retractable 33″ x 78″ which comes with a carry case and full color print for under one hundred dollars. These upright banner signs can be used at many different events and will last a long time. The set up time is incredibly fast ( less than two minutes ) and no special skills are needed. The upright banner stands come with a adjustable height pole which allows you to get the perfect fit for your display sign. The turnaround time for these banner stands is just a day or two and in cases of emergency, many Las Vegas sign stores are capable of printing and making your upright banner signs the same day. Often, things do not go as planned at events becasue items get lost or damaged, but Las Vegas sign shops can assist you in getting your graphics replaced in a hurry.  Contact a local sign store in Veghas to see how they can help you with your display graphics.