Printing of Cheap Flyers

Las Vegas Promotional Flyer Printer

Your Las Vegas promotional flyer printer can print those custom designed flyers for your business or event at great prices. Why pay retail for promotional flyers in Vegas when you can get them professionally printed at wholesale pricing.

Many neighborhood restaurants that offer take out love using flyers as a way to communicate with their customers about food specials they are offering. The restaurant will place one of these flyers in the take out bag so that the customer can peruse their menu and have a way to contact them. These same flyers can be distributed to the neighborhood by hand at a very low cost. Since most neighborhood restaurants get their business from locals, why not just advertise your restaurant to locals instead of everybody in Las Vegas. There are many companies willing to go door to door with flyers and leave them at every residence within a mile of your location at a very low price. Your promotional flyer printer can print your custom flyers cheap and therefore you have a very low cost approach to advertising that works very well.

Your promotional flyer printer can get you 5,000 half page flyers for around $160.00  These promotional flyers are classy and allow for double sided printing along with a coating on the paper to make them stand out. Color pictures are allowed on the flyers as well as many different colors you like at the same low cost.  Your Las Vegas Promotional flyer printer can also have your flyers printed in a multitude of sizes to help you accomplish your marketing goal. The half page flyer is the most popular flyer, but quarter page and 5″ x 7″ flyers are popular as well. If the flyers need to be designed, your local printer  or sign shop can also help arrange that as well.