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Las Vegas Convention Backdrop Signs

Las Vegas convention backdrop signs are in high demand during the busy convention and trade show season in Las Vegas. This season is generally about November though April in Las Vegas. The convention season attract millions of participants from all over the world to one of the hundreds of conventions held annually. The biggest and most innovative companies will showcase their products and services to these millions of people that come annually. While the conventions are very important, people also come to enjoy the 24 hour fun the City of Las Vegas has to offer. Las Vegas is unique in its nightlife and the fun that can be had here.

Las Vegas convention backdrop signs  can be quite large because of the size of the different display booths that are available for companies at any of the big convention venues like Mandalay Bay Convention Center, Sands Expo or Venetian Convention Center. In addition, most every major casino on the Las Vegas strip has thousands of square feet of available space where smaller conventions and meetings can take place. Signage is necessary for these events and large backdrop banners make a wonderful and Impressionable display on clients. I have seen very large backdrop banners in size of 10ft tall by 75 feet wide on display to grab clients attention at these venues. Most of the Las Vegas convention backdrop signs are limited to the back of the display booths, which is usually around ten feet wide. Companies and vendors will place these large backdrop banners in the rear of the booth so that clients when standing in front of the booth will have something to look at. The large backdrop banners can be step and repeat banners ( where you place your name, logo or products on the banner and repeat them ) or simply have a company name and logo on the backdrop banner for branding purposes.



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Vegas Sign Stores Selling Banner Stands

Vegas sign stores selling banner stands is a great search term when you need an indoor banner stand for your event or show. In fact, banner stands are one of the most popular display graphics at the convention and trade show venues in Las Vegas during the busy convention season. These banner stands come in many different sizes and price ranges with the most common and popular version of banner stand being the 33″ wide by 78″ tall model that sells for under one hundred dollars ! Vegas signs stores selling banner stands can sell you many different types of stands ranging from about two feet wide to around five feet wide and in varying heights. In fact, many of the banner stands offer a telescopic position pole that allows for height adjustment of your display graphic. All the banner stands come with a carrying case so to make it easy to transport them from event to event.

The banner stands themselves are very easy to set up and can be set up with one person in just a minute or two. The retractable banner stands are one of the easiest and simplest display graphics to set up at an event, which makes them one of the most popular display graphics. The turnaround time on the banner stands is just a day or two and in many cases, the banner stands can be made the same day in cases of emergencies. Often through no fault of the vendor, banner stands will get lost or damaged during shipping and need to be replaced quickly and inexpensively. With modern sign making equipment, making banner stands has never been easier than before.

Vegas sign stores selling banner stands are located all over the Las Vegas area. More of these stores will be closer to the convention venues as they are a major source of work for banner stands.




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Las Vegas Fabric Banner Sign Printer For Conventions

Las Vegas fabric banner sign printer can print you those spectacular banner backdrop signs like you see at star studded events in Hollywood. Las Vegas fabric banner sign printer can print those large step and repeat fabric banners needed for these events at a great price. These fabric polyester banners are printed on a 9 oz fabric material that is stretchable for a wrinkle free appearance. The fabric banners can be quite large ( 8ft x 20ft or bigger ). The most common sizes are the 8ft x 8ft fabric banner or the 8ft x 10 ft. fabric banner, as you can purchase a portable banner stand to fit these sizes and that makes them portable and easy to set up. The fabric is machine washable so that the fabric banner can be fresh for every event if necessary.

Your Las Vegas fabric banner sign printer can also get you step and repeat vinyl banners at a lower price than the fabric polyester banners. These vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent or latex inks that allow for both indoor and outdoor usage. These banners, like the fabric step and repeat banners can be finished with a pocket at the top and bottom so that a pole can be slid through the openings and thus allow the banner to be displayed and stretched to provide a wrinkle free appearance. Otherwise, your large vinyl banner can be finished with grommets on the four sides in order to be displayed with zip ties or some other type of fastener.

Contact you local Las Vegas fabric banner sign printer and ask for prices for both the fabric and vinyl banner for your event or trade show. They will best be able to assist you in matching the right banner with your needs at a great price !






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Photo Backdrop Banners in Las Vegas

Photo backdrop banners are great for backdrop banners that you want your picture taken in front of.  Photographers and videographers use these photo backdrop banners as scenery to set the tone for pictures. These banners can have baseball scenes for baseball type pictures, mountain scenes for western themes, wedding scenes, etc.

Photo backdrop banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl matte banner material ( matte banner is used to help prevent any type of light reflection from camera flashes or lighting ) with special inks that are bright and vivid in coloring. Photo backdrop banners can also be printed on a polyester material that is seen on backdrop step and repeat banners at Hollywood events like the Academy Awards, The Oscars, etc. The large backdrop banners printed on polyester are stretchable and wrinkle free in appearance.

Photo backdrop banners are being used at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas as well. The conventions and trade shows are big business and contribute heavily to the economy of Southern Nevada. Each year, millions of people attend the hundreds of conventions and trade shows the city hosts. Photo backdrop banners are also quite popular at upper end night clubs and casinos along the Las Vegas Strip.   These venues know that tourists love to take selfies and group pictures so that they can show off to their friends back home. So the venue place step and repeat banners or a large picture of their facility on the banner with their name prominently displayed in hopes of getting their friends to come to their facilities and take more pictures. Photo backdrops are inexpensive and a great way to advertise at a low cost.

Photo backdrop banners can be ordered through your local sign company and in some cases, can be made the same day in cases of emergency.




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Retractable Roll Up Banner in Vegas

One of the most popular display graphics at a convention or trade show is the retractable roll up bannerA retractable roll up banner is a self standing display and can be placed anywhere in your display booth at a convention venue which gives the graphic great versatility. Combined with the fact that the roll up banner stands are very easy to set up and take down, the retractable roll up banner is a very smart choice for many vendors and companies wishing to optimize their marketing strategy.

The retractable roll up banner comes in many sizes. The most commonly used size is the 33″ x 78″ retractable banner stand that comes with an adjustable pole that allows for the perfect height setting. While most banner stands have a fixed height pole the  graphic is stretched to, the adjustable pole allows for the perfect height setting without any bleed. The 33″ x 78″ retractable roll up banner stand costs less than one hundred dollars and in many cases, can be made the same day it was ordered. This is important for people at one of the convention venues in Vegas that find themselves without their display graphics because of damage or late shipping. Same day banner stands and other forms of signage are sometimes necessary so that the event can go on as planned.  Retractable banner stands come in sizes from about two feet wide all the way up to around five feet wide. Anything above that size, usually an adjustable banner stand ( basic size is 8ft x 10ft ) is purchased and a large banner is hung from it and then the banner stand can be adjusted in height and width.

Your local sign store that services the convention and trade show industry can help assist you in selecting the best banner stand option for you at great pricing.




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Repeat Banners in Las Vegas

Repeat banners are step and repeat banners and they are gaining in popularity at events throughout the Las Vegas area. Repeat banners are very popular at the trade show and convention venues where vendors and businesses use them as a backdrop banner for their display booths. The vendors or businesses will place their logos, names or products on the vinyl banner or fabric banner and will alternately repeat them so that from whatever angle you are looking at, the printed image can be seen. The businesses will place these banners at the back of the display booths so that customers when they walk up will have something to look at. Repeat banners make for a very favorable impression.

Repeat banners can be printed on a vinyl banner material or fabric polyester material. The vinyl banner material uses inks that can be used indoors and outdoors and are environmentally safe. These banners can be full color or have any combination of colors printed on them. The polyester fabric banners allow for a wrinkle free appearance and are sublime printed. The fabric banners are usually finished with a pole pocket at the top and bottom so that a pole can be slid through the opening and displayed with the help of a stand. The vinyl banners can be finished the same way of with the perimeter being hemmed for reinforcement and grommets being placed approximately every two feet on all four sides. In many cases, the repeat vinyl banners can be printed the same day in cases of emergency, but the fabric repeat banners take a few days as they require special printing procedures.

In addition, repeat banners are gaining in popularity because of their low price at birthday parties. People love to take pictures against these banners and they can be custom made to most sizes.





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Next Day Large Banners in Vegas

Next day large banners can get you those big banners needed for your event or show. Las Vegas needs many next day large banners because of the hundreds of events and shows that require large vinyl banners. The trade shows and conventions bring millions of people to Vegas along with thousands of vendors and companies displaying the newest technology and products at one of the big convention venues. Some of the biggest conventions in the world happen in Las Vegas, such as the Consumer Electronic Show, SEMA, etc. At these events, hundreds of signs are needed by companies to showcase their products and services. Large vinyl banners is just one tool in the companies arsenal to impress clients. Many companies choose to place their name or company logo on these large banners  in order to get everyone’s attention at the show. The large banners can also be step and repeat banners where they place their name or logo repeatedly on the banner and place them in the background of their display area so they are easily identifiable.

Next day large banners are not expensive.  These large banners ( step and repeat banners also ) are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent inks that are designed to be long lasting for indoor as well as outdoor use. The next day large banners are finished with a hem on the perimeter of the banner for extra strength and also with grommets on all four sides at about 24″ apart. The big vinyl banners can also be finished with a pole pocket of 3″ so that a pole can be slid through the top and bottom of the banner and be hung that way as well.

Next day large banners cab be bought at sign stores in the Las Vegas area at very good pricing.  Contact a Las Vegas sign store today for more information.




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Las Vegas Backdrop Step and Repeat Sign Printer

Las Vegas backdrop step and repeat sign printer makes those background signs that are seen with regularity at convention and trade show events. There are hundreds of events and shows in Las Vegas annually that attract millions of people from around the world. Not only is Las Vegas the entertainment capital of the United States, Las Vegas is the convention capital of the United States as well. People love to come to Las Vegas for the trade shows and conventions, but also to have fun in a city that is 24/7. At these trade shows and events, many signs, banners and banner stands are needed to help promote products and services. One of the most easily observed signs is the large step and repeat banners that companies display at their booths that are made by a backdrop step and repeat sign printer.

Backdrop banner signs can be made to many different sizes to accommodate your display needs. Two of the most common backdrop banners are the 8ft x 8ft banner and the 8ft x 10ft banner. These banner sizes will fit most display booths at the big convention venues in Vegas perfectly for background signage at the back of your booth. So when a customer walks up to your booth and you are engaging them in conversation about your products and services, they are also looking at your background banner that can have your products listed  or pictures of your products. Also, you can have your company name or logo on the banner alternately printed so as to brand your company in your customer’s minds.

Your Las Vegas backdrop step and repeat sign printer can make your backdrop banner fast and inexpensively. Sign stores in Vegas have the most modern sign making equipment because of all the signage needed for convention and trade shows.



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Step and Repeat Banners Today in Las Vegas

Step and repeat banners today in Las Vegas are sometimes needed because things did not go right. Often, even though after months of tedious planning, signs and banners get lost or damaged and need to be replaced at the last minute. In these types of cases, which happen quite frequently in Vegas, banners and signs need to be replaced quickly and inexpensively. For some reason, large step and repeat banners seem to get lost or damaged more frequently than other types of smaller signage. Step and repeat banners today in Las Vegas can get you that replacement step and repeat banner fast.

A step and repeat banner is where you have your company logo or name ( could also be pictures of your company products ) printed on a banner repetitively and printed staggered on a large banner that is displayed with the purpose of getting your customers attention. These step and repeat banner signs are placed in the background so that they do not block the presentation of information. They are usually 8ft x 8ft or 8ft x 10ft in length and fit most of the convention booths at the big convention venues. Also, as a matter of interest, many clubs and casinos in Las Vegas use step and repeat banners at their locations so that tourists can take pictures of themselves to share with their friends back home. This in turn makes for free advertisement and future business !

Step and repeat banners today in Las Vegas are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with special inks that allow it to be used indoors and as well as outdoors. The banners are full color, meaning you can have as many colors as you like on the banner and are generally finished with pole pockets on the top or bottom or grommets on all four sides so that he banner can be displayed easily.


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Trade Show Backdrop Banner Signs

Trade show backdrop banner signs are more frequently being used at trade shows and conventions than ever before. Vendors realize that a large backdrop banners or step and repeat banners in the background is a great way to brand your company or show off products and services. After all, if people are facing your display booth, why not have visual reinforcement of your company name or products in the background rather than just a plain wall ? The trade show backdrop banner signs are easy to set up if you are setting up your own display booth, as they come with pockets at the top and bottom so that poles can slide through the banner and be displayed.

Trade show backdrop banner signs are usually printed on a vinyl banner material or a fabric material depending upon your needs. The vinyl banner material is much more durable  as it is usually printed on a 13 ounce vinyl material that can be rolled up and used over and over again at different events. The vinyl banner sign is subject to wrinkling because it needs to be stored properly each time and many times items are laid on it or the banner flatten outs over time. The fabric material is wrinkle free as it can be stretched and looks much nicer than the vinyl banner material, but is more delicate and subject to snaring. The fabric backdrop can also be used over and over again if proper care is taken. The cost of the vinyl banner sign is about two dollars a square foot and three dollars a square foot for fabric. This price includes a full color print in any color / colors, which includes pictures and logos. The trade show backdrop banner signs can also be hemmed with grommets or have pole pockets at the top and bottom for a pole to slide through for hanging purposes.