Flyer Printing

Cheap Printer in Vegas

Cheap printer in Vegas can get your offset printing cheap. You can get postcards, flyers, business cards, brochures cheap in Las Vegas if you know where to go. Several large printers are in Las Vegas and can make your prints cheap. Businesses love low cost flyers and postcards because it is a great way to advertise.

A local roofing company will distribute flyers right after a rain in a community that is 20 plus years old. A 20 year old roof will start to leak and the roofer wants to be the first one they call to fix it. By passing out flyers during a rain and shortly thereafter, it brings attention to his company . The flyers are cheap, they pay around $160 for 5,000 double sided flyers printed on 100lb paper. Cheap printer in Vegas can get many different size flyers at low prices.

A local Chinese café uses flyers to promote their business. Cheap printer in Vegas can print thousands of flyers at a very low price. The Chinese café takes advantage of low cost flyers by passing out menus to the homes in a half mile radius. The café does this once a month and gives out over 1000 flyers each time. The café sales always peak about 5 days afterwards and then slowly fade until the next time he passes out the flyers. Overall, his business has increased two fold over a year’s time and he enjoys a higher customer count. The flyers are distributed by his workers so his distribution cost is minimal and the flyers are extremely cost effective for his business. No other means of advertising has been so effective as flyers.

Cheap printer in Vegas is a great term to search to find a printer that can make your flyers and postcards cheap and fast in Las Vegas. Why pay retail ?