Fabric Banner Display Signs in Vegas

Sign Company Printing Step and Repeat Banners

Sign company printing step and repeat banners in Vegas can print those background booth banners for the trade shows and conventions. Trade shows and Conventions are “BIG” business in Las Vegas. Hundreds of conventions and tradeshows happen yearly in Las Vegas and thousands of vendors come to display their products and services at these trade shows. These trade shows and conventions attract millions of visitors to Las Vegas that fill the hotels and eateries. In fact, the largest of the trade shows, the Consumer Electronic and World of Concrete attract thousands of vendors and hundreds of thousands of participates to the Las Vegas Convention Center. These visitors make the local economy go “boom” with all their tourist dollars.

Sign company printing step and repeat banners are big business during these events because many of the vendors need backdrop banners for their booths. Step and repeat banners are needed for these as a step and repeat banner allows for the companies name, logo or products to be repeatedly staggered on the vinyl banner so that they can be seen from any angle. These step and repeat banners became popular in Hollywood at special events where movie stars or VIP’s would stand in front of a banner to have their pictures taken and from no matter what angle the picture was taken, you could clearly see the name of the event in the background. These pictures were published all over the world and seen by millions of people who then saw the name of the event in the background and help make it more famous.

Sign company step and repeat banners are available at sign stores that service the convention venues. These large step and repeat banners are usually in the 8ft x 8ft size, 8ft x 10ft size  or some other custom size.