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Decals and Stickers For USDOT and Motor Carrier

Decals and Stickers for USDOT and Motor Carrier are required by different government transportation authorities in order to regulate the trucking industry. While decals and stickers are just part of the regulations, they are required on trucks and other vehicles so that they can display certain information required by law. Generally , your truck lettering or signs need to be readable which amount to about a 2″ letter in a readable font for your DOT, Motor Carrier and ICC numbers.

Decals and stickers for USDOT and motor carrier can be purchased at sign stores like Posterhead Signs,¬† for very reasonable prices. The sign stores can either plot the numbers out for you and then you can install them yourself or the sign store can plot the DOT¬†numbers out for you and also install them on your truck. It is not hard to install them yourself as they are self adhesive. All you have to do is clean your truck’s surface where the stickers are going to be placed and then place your stickers on top of the clean surface so that they are properly adhered.

Decals and stickers for USDOT and motor carrier are not expensive as you think. The price is generally about $40 for a pair of the numbers along with the name of the company ( so you have about 4 lines of text) and if you want the DOT, Motor Carrier and ICC numbers installed, it is generally less than one hundred dollars. To save time, you can even email the sign shop and have them design your numbers in advance to save you time. All you need to do is tell the sign shop what the measurements are for the space you sigh to apply your numbers and the numbers themselves so that they can design your sticker. Contact a local sign store to see how they can help you.