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Cheap 8ft Pop Up Displays in Vegas

Cheap 8ft pop up displays in Vegas are being used at the trade shows and convention centers like never before. Cheap 8ft pop up displays are everywhere at the 3 big convention venues at Las Vegas Convention Center, Mandalay Bay Convention Center and the Sands Expo. These pop up displays are being used at the rear of booths as a backdrop to help lure customers into the booth and get them knowledgeable of companies products and services.

Cheap 8ft pop up displays are a full color print that can include logos and images on the polyester 9oz fabric. The fabric is a custom sublimation print that fits over a frame real tight so as to avoid any wrinkles. The cheap pop up displays http://posterhead.com/banners/pop-up-displays/8ft-fabric-pop-display-wprint/  or http://posterhead.com/banners/pop-up-displays/8ft-wave-tube-display-wfabric-print/ can also come in other sizes as well to accommodate the needs of your display booth. The 10ft. fabric pop up display is also a very popular model as well along with the 6ft pop up display that sits up on a table at the front of the booth. If you add in a table to hold your support literature, a couple of chairs  and a few banner stands, you pretty much have a complete display booth that can be made for under  one thousand dollars. Best of all, these items can be walked into a convention center to avoid costly union labor that could be several hundred dollars. Also, these popup display stands can be set up in under ten minutes by one person. Cheap 8ft pop up displays come with a carrying case to make transporting them very easy.

Cheap 8ft pop up displays are available through sign stores in Las Vegas that service the trade show and convention industry. These stores are usually located near or adjacent to the Las Vegas strip for easy access to the event venues.




Quality Las Vegas Signs

Ten Foot Curved Pop Up Display

Ten foot curved pop up display are the display of choice at many of the conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. These 10ft curved pop up displays are being placed in the rear of booths as a backdrop so that a companies image or products can be seen in the background as their workers talk to clients. Company employees can use them as talking points as they introduce themselves and their company to prospective clients. These curved 10ft pop up displays can be seen here : http://posterhead.com/banners/pop-up-displays/10ft-wave-tube-display-wfabric-print/ . These pop up displays are very popular with the three large convention venues in town, Mandalay Bay, LVCC and Sands Exposition Center.

Ten foot curved pop up displays are based on a tube structure that allows for a fabric polyester print to be placed over the tubes in a tight, form fitting way which allows for the display of a wrinkle free fabric. The fabric print is a custom print which allows for pictures, logos, and any color imaginable to be printed on your graphic design. Best of all, these large pop up displays can be used again and again. In fact, the fabric polyester print can be printed separately and there is no need to purchase the tube aperture. You can save the fabric prints in case you wish to use them again.  The ten foot curved pop up display comes with a carrying case which allows for easy transportation into your event venue. One person can set up the display in about ten minutes time. This is important because many venues will force you to hire union labor if you cannot carry in your own graphics. By carrying in your own graphics and setting them up, you will save a lot of money that can be used to improve your display.