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Inexpensive 8ft Tube Popup Display Stands

Inexpensive 8ft tube popup display stands are used at the different event venues in Las Vegas very often. These popup displays are increasingly popular because they are inexpensive when compared to normal background graphics and they can be set up by one person instead of hiring expensive sign installers or union laborers.  The vendor simply carries in the inexpensive 8ft tube popup display stands in there convenient carrying case and set up the stand with or without help in less than 10 minutes. ( http://posterhead.com/posterhead-banners/ ) . The lightweight aluminum tubes with print weighs less than 25lbs.

Inexpensive 8ft tube popup display stands combined with a table to hold pertinent brochures and product information combined with a couple of retractable banner stands, basically constitutes the majority of  your display graphic needs for the show. All these display graphics can be carried by you or a team and set up quickly and taken down quickly as well. Best of all, these graphic popup displays can be used at many different events. Popup displays also come in different sizes and configurations to fit your display needs.

Polyester fabric is the choice material to print on with these displays. The polyester fabric allows for a full color print ( including logos and images) to be stretched over the aluminum tubing for a perfect fit. The 9oz polyester fabric is wrinkle free and can be used over and over again at the many different events. A separate fabric print can also be made without having to replace everything at a substantial cost saving when a different marketing message needs to be displayed.

Inexpensive 8ft tube popup display stands are the future for conventions and trade shows. They are cheap in cost, last a long time and can be set up very quickly and provide your company the opportunity to change your marketing message inexpensively.