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Large Poster Printing in Las Vegas

Large poster printing in Las Vegas is available at very inexpensive prices. These large posters are printed on state of the art large format printers using thick poster paper instead of the 100lb or less inferior paper that you get at local offset printers. The 8 or 9 mil poster paper makes for the creation of a wonderful custom printed poster in either matte or gloss.

Large poster printing in Las Vegas is done with the use of state of the art large format printers that have 8 colors that are mixed to make bright and vivid colors on your posters. Just a few years ago, there was only 4 colors that went into printing a poster ( cyan, magenta, black and yellow) Now, there are those 4 colors and colors like orange, light blue, light red and light black which allows the printer to print colors never ” hit” before. Companies like Mutoh, Mimaki, Epson, HP. and a few others are creating more sophisticated wide format printers than before and bringing the cost of printing down. These printers are getting faster which allows more prints to be made in less time than ever before. Because Las Vegas is a hotbed for events and shows, last minute poster printing is very common and can now be done in less time and at less cost. Posters and other fragile prints sometimes get damaged or lost while being shipped to Las Vegas shows and events and having fast, inexpensive poster printing locally makes vendors very happy. In addition, these large format printers also print banners, banner stands, vinyl signs and other types of signage with the same speed and quality as posters.

Large poster printing in Las Vegas can be found at most sign stores that service the convention and trade show venues. Poster printing can be printed the same day.





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Wholesale Fabric Pop Up Displays in Vegas

Wholesale fabric pop up displays in Vegas are available for the many trade shows and conventions held annually in Las Vegas. Wholesale fabric pop up displays in Vegas make for great background display graphics at these shows and come in many different set ups. Here is a link to some of the may different types available . As you can see, they come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit most needs.

The two most common pop up fabric displays are the eight foot model and the ten foot model . These seem to be the sizes most vendors want for their trade show booths. The models can be carried into the show pavilion and set up by one person and this is great because it saves on expensive union labor fees that add up quickly and can severely damage a trade show budget. One of the advantages that these pop up displays offer is that the hardware can be used again at other shows with a new fabric print so that the marketing message is always right on target for your audience.

Wholesale fabric pop up displays use a sublimation type printing system that prints directly onto a 9oz polyester fabric . This stretchable fabric is then pulled over the pop up frame for a snug , wrinkle free fit.  The wholesale fabric pop up display comes with a carrying bag that allows for easy transportation and the whole system weighs under 30 lbs. Set up time is 10 minutes or less and can be performed by a single person. The lead time for these graphic display stands is about 5 working days.

Wholesale fabric pop up displays are available at sign stores that cater to the trade show and convention venues. They are generally located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip.



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Fabric Pop Up Background Banner Displays in Vegas

Fabric pop up background banner displays are being used at the many events and shows in Las Vegas to help decorate  vendor booths. Fabric pop up background banner displays are inexpensive and easy to set up, thus making them a favorite amongst vendors. These pop up displays come in many different sizes and shapes to fit the size of your vendor booths.

Fabric pop up background banner displays come in many sizes, including the 8ft and 10ft wide models. Both these models offer straight displays, curved displays and the wave display. They come with a convenient carrying case for easy transportation into your event for easy set up. This is important because many venues will only allow you to set up displays that you can personally carry in, otherwise, you have to hire labor ( union labor) to move your graphic displays and set them up which can be very expensive. Fabric pop up background banner displays can be set up by one person in less than 10 minutes.

Pop up displays are set up with a tube or expandable structure and then a fabric polyester print is stretched over the tubing or structure to make it wrinkle free. The polyester is stretchable and makes for a tight fit on the frame. The polyester itself is approx. 9oz and allows for a full color print that can include pictures, people and logos with great quality. Best of all, these pop up displays can be taken down and be reused over and over again at different shows. Also, if a new display is needed, you can simply have the fabric printed and save money from having to replace the whole pop up display. These pop up banner background banner displays can be purchased right here in Las Vegas to save shipping and handling.






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Custom Foam Board Sign Printing

Custom foam board sign printing is available in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable rates. Sign stores can print these foam board signs in amazing quality as seen here : . Custom foam board sign printing is especially popular at the hundreds of events and shows that are held in Las Vegas yearly. Las Vegas is host to hundreds of conventions and trade shows that require extensive signage and foam board signs are popular with these venues because they are cheap, yet professional looking signs that can be discarded at the end of the event without feeling that you wasted a large sum of money. Foam board signs are made for short term use for indoor applications. Coroplast signs should be used for outdoor applications as they withstand the weather better.

Custom foam board sign printing is usually made of two thicknesses, the 3/16ths foam board and the 1/2 ” thick foam board. The print is either printed directly onto the foam board or onto vinyl and then applied to the foam board. The foam board is then laminated with a matte or gloss laminate depending upon your needs. These foam board prints can be full color and have as many colors printed on them as you would like, as well as photos, logos and other images with great quality. Photographers like using these foam boards by having their pictures displayed on them. Venues like these foam board signs because they make great directional signs.

Making custom foam board signs takes a little longer to print and make because of the different steps involved in making the signs. The lead time for this type of sign should be 3 days notice. Delivery to the different venues is always an option when ordering.

Foam board printing is available at sign stores all over the Las Vegas area.





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Fabric Pop Up Displays For Conventions

Fabric Pop Up Displays are the new “Rage” at events and shows in Las Vegas. They are easy to set up by one person, relatively inexpensive, and are very portable. They are usually placed in the rear of the booth so that clients can look at the background image as they talk to you or investigate the services and products that you offer.

Fabric pop up displays come in many sizes to fit your display graphic needs. The 10ft model comes in many different types such as straight, “S” shaped or curved. The 8 foot fabric pop up display also comes in different sizes such as this one .

Fabric pop up displays come in a tube structure or an expandable type frame that allows for a fabric print to be pulled over them and  secured to be wrinkle free. These fabric prints are full color and can have anything you like printed on them in a variety of colors.   The stands can be used over and over again and the fabric can be purchased by itself to help reduce costs. The pop up stands come with a carrying case and weigh less than 30lbs and can be carried and set up by one person. This is important because many of the convention / trade show venues are union and require union labor to set up a booth for any materials that are shipped in. Walk in graphics are permitted in many cases and this will allow you to save hundreds of dollars in union set  up fees and removal fees.

Fabric pop up displays are offered by many of the sign stores in Las Vegas that service the event industry. These shops are generally located adjacent to the Las Vegas Strip where most of the venues are located for easy access.



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Banner Stand Printing Near Me

Banner stand printing near me is very popular during the trade show and convention season in Las Vegas. While the trade shows and conventions are technically year round in Las Vegas, November through April seems to be the really busy time for such events. Consequently, thousands of vendors and people putting on displays come to Las Vegas with their display graphics in hand. Unfortunately, sometimes the display graphics arrive damaged or not at all.

Banner stands seem to be the one of the most popular graphics at these events because they are portable and lightweight. Consequently, many vendors find themselves at one of the venues missing their banner stands and need to get them printed very quickly. Using the term such as ” Banner Stand Printing Near Me ” will lead you to a sign store nearby that can print those banner stands in the same day.  Most sign stores keep the popular 33″ x 78″ banner stand in stock for such events ( ) or the deluxe version in stock at all times. However, the banner stands do come in many different sizes to accommodate your graphic needs. Need a 5 foot side model ? No problem because they come in the width. These banner stands can have as many colors on them as you like and have logos and pictures printed on them as well at no additional cost. They all come with a telescopic pole that allows the banner stand height to be adjusted in case you do not need the full height of the stand ( unlike the inferior tent pole type stands where there is no height adjustment mechanism).

Banner stand printing near me can be done in the same day in many cases, often within an hour or two. Contact one of the local sign companies in Las Vegas if you fins yourself in need of fast display graphics.



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Large Format Printing 89109 For Trade Shows

Large format printing 89109 is available for the many trade shows and conventions held on the Las Vegas strip 89109. Many large convention venues are in this are like:

1. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

2. Venetian / Sands Convention Center

3. Las Vegas Convention Center

All these venues require a lot of signage such as signs and banners for the different events.  Not only do the vendors require signage and graphics for their booths, the venue itself needs large banners and signs to help advertise the event and let people know where to go. All this signage requires large format printers that are capable of printing these signs and banners in the different colors required and different substrates.

The newer large format printers like Epson, Mutoh, Mimaki and HP utilize the 8 color printing system. In the old days, CMYK was the standard of the industry ( Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black), but the newer models have additional colors so that a wider array of colors can now be printed with bold and vivid colors. These large format printers are capable of printing several hundred square feet of print an hour with great quality. As this new technology has developed, the cost of the machines have never been lower and the special inks used have never lasted longer than ever before. Large full color vinyl banners are being printed for around $2.00 a square foot and vinyl is being printed for around $3.00 a square foot.

Large format printing 89109 can be done quickly when needed. often, people coming to Las Vegas for the events find out that their display graphics have been damaged or need to be replaced quickly. These large format printers are capable of printing many banners , banner stands and large vinyl prints quickly and efficiently.

Contact a local sign company in Las Vegas if you need large format printing 89109 for your show.





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Las Vegas Fabric Tube Display

Las Vegas fabric tube display are very popular at convention booths in Las Vegas. These good looking display graphics come in many sizes from 6ft in width to around 10ft wide to fit most booths and make for a very favorable impression with potential clients.

Las Vegas fabric tube display can be set up by one person in about 10 minutes time. There is no need for expensive union help to set up your display. ( Union labor help is required for many set ups in the convention centers and these venues have contracts with the unions to supply the labor which could add potentially thousands of dollars to your convention booth cost ) The basic rule is that if you can carry or wheel your graphics in, you can set them up yourself. If you add a table with a fabric cover, a couple of banner stands, you pretty much have a booth that is ready for customers.

Las Vegas fabric tube display come in many different shapes and sizes. There is the straight set up where the pop up tube display is straight , a curved display, and finally a “S” shaped pop up display. These tube  pop up displays come in the popular 6ft, 8ft and 10 ft.  length sizes.  The main theory is that you have either a tube frame that is put together and then a fabric print is placed over this frame and stretched out so that there is no wrinkles or you have a expandable frame that pops up with the fabric placed over it.  The fabric can be printed in full color and have pictures and logos as well as any combination of colors on it as you want. These fabric pop up displays all come with a carrying case so they can be transported easily from event to event.




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Custom Banner Stands 89109 For Trade Shows

Custom banner stands 89109 for trade shows are very popular in Las Vegas because they are the number one used display graphics at the convention and trade show venues. Vendors love free standing banner stands that are custom made for their products and services. More information about these retractable banner stands can be found at this link: .

Custom banner stands 89109 are for the convention corridor of Las Vegas which includes the 3 big event venues:

1. Las Vegas Convention Center

2. Mandalay Bay Convention Center

3. Venetian Convention Center

In addition, most of the casinos and hotels on Las Vegas Blvd. have meeting  / event space in their facilities that are quite large. Having a 50,000 square foot of space for events and larger is quite common for the hotels and casinos. All of these venues have one thing in common…..when they are hosting an event, there are plenty of signs and banners that are on display to promote the event and also for the purpose of promoting goods and services of the companies that are displaying at the event.

Custom banner stands 89109 are cheap and can be made very quickly for your event. These custom made banner stands are printed with your design and can have as many colors you want on the banner graphic, including pictures / logos / and background scenery. The most popular model of the custom banner stands 89109 is the 33″ wide model that sells for less than one hundred dollars and come with a telescopic pole and carrying case. These banner stands  are reusable and an be set up in a minute or so by one person. That comes in handy because it avoids the expensive union labor set up fees associated with some of the venues that is required.

Custom banner stands 89109 are available at sign stores in the Las Vegas area and can be printed very quickly to.


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Las Vegas Convention Graphic Displays

Las Vegas convention graphic displays are need for the hundreds of convention shows that are held in Las Vegas annually. It seems that Las Vegas is the king of  conventions and trade shows and hundreds of thousands of people come annually to Las Vegas to put on or attend these shows. Consequently, many graphics and signs are needed for these events.  A recent article on Bloglovin, epitomizes the need for  retractable banner stands, .

Las Vegas convention graphic displays use many retractable banner stands at their venues for a variety of reasons:

1. Cost is reasonable

2. Easy to set up

3. Are portable and can be used at other shows

4. Require no permit

5. Are large and can have a lot of information on them

6. Come in a variety of sizes

The starting off price for these banner stand graphics ( stand, print and carrying case) is less than $100.00 for the very popular 33″ wide model with the telescopic pole that allows the banner to be as tall as about 6 1/2 feet or as short as about 4ft. These telescopic poles allow for height adjustment of the graphic instead of the cheaper ” tent pole system” that only allows for one height. These banner stands come in widths as small as 2feet and as wide as about 5 feet. Often, instead of having a expensive and bulky backdrop banner made which the convention sites require a union worker to install, vendors will have one large graphic cut up and placed on individual banner stands and then simply just place the banner stands together so that they look like one continuous graphic. This set up is called a banner wall and one person can easily set it up and take it down.

Las Vegas convention display graphics come in many different forms. See how these signs can help your display booth become more effective.