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Same Day Step and Repeat Banners in Las Vegas

Same day step and repeat banners in Las Vegas are available when you have to get that needed backdrop banner. Many times, for a variety of reasons, backdrop banners get damaged and need to be replaced for that special event. Fortunately, Las Vegas has many sign shops that can assist you in getting that banner.

Step and repeat banners are banners where logos and names are alternately printed on the banner so that from no matter what direction you are looking at it, the names and logos can be seen in the background. Companies use these type of backdrops as a marketing tool. Events like the Oscars or Academy Awards use these types of backdrops in which the movie stars pose in front of these banners and the name of Oscars or Academy Awards can always be seen in the background.

Same day step and repeat banners in Las Vegas can be found at sign shops that have very large printers. Special 10 ft. wide printers are needed for large banners like these.  The banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent inks ( for bright and vivid colors) and then hemmed for reinforcement on the perimeter. The client then has the choice of pole pockets or grommets for finishing.

Same Day step and repeat banners in Las Vegas do not necessarily have to be expensive. The average price of a step and repeat banner is around $2.00 a square foot and this would be true if there are no other banners that need to be printed in front of your rush order banner. If production has to be changed and overtime has to be paid, you could expect a small upcharge for the additional cost.

Contact a local sign shop in Las Vegas about  getting your step and repeat banner printed.