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Las Vegas Convention Display Graphics

Las Vegas Convention display graphics are needed for the many conventions and trade shows held annually in Las Vegas. Every trade show and convention has lots of signs that are used to visually reinforce the marketing message at the shows. Banner stands and pop up displays are the 2 most common graphics at a convention / trade show.

Las Vegas Nevada is host to the top conventions and trade shows in the world. Las Vegas was built for fun and then the Las Vegas  Convention Authority decided to encourage business men to build convention halls to bring in more people.  Places like the Las Vegas Convention Center , Sands Expo and Mandalay Bay Convention Center sprung up and literally millions of square feet of convention floor space was built. Add in the thousands of square feet of floor space each casino on the Las Vegas strip has dedicated to exhibit and conferences and you can see why Las Vegas is the “King” of conventions and trade shows.

Las Vegas convention display graphics include the popular banner stands that retract. These banners displays come in a small case and then pull up to heights of about 6 feet tall. They are great for the display booths because they are vertical and take up so little room. At starting prices under $100 each, they make for a wonderful display. These banner stands can be found at

Las Vegas convention display graphics also include the popular pop up displays or “walls” that look very impressive. They can be found at These pop up graphic displays come in the popular 8ft. and 10 ft. lengths and use a fabric material that can be used over and over again.

Las Vegas convention display graphics  are available at many of the Las Vegas sign shops that pander to the convention and trade show industries.



Banner Stand Signs

Cheap Sign Shop Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Cheap sign shop banner stands in Las Vegas are the way to go when you have a single event in Las Vegas and then the graphics are going to be discarded. After all, why pay all the money for a fancy pull up banner stand that will only be used one time ?

Las Vegas Nevada is a great spot to hold your convention and trade show. In fact, Las Vegas is the number one place in the world for trade shows and conventions. With all the fine hotels and convention venues in town, it makes logical sense to hold your shows here. In addition to the large convention venues, there is so much fun to be had in Las Vegas. During the moderate winter season we have skiing at Mt Charleston and during the summer, we have  boating and swimming at Lake Mead.  Of course, Vegas is known for their golf courses, gambling, fine restaurants and a host of other amenities that have the recipe for fun.

Cheap sign shop banner stands in Las Vegas come in many different sizes. The favorite size seems to be the 33″ wide banner stand that stands about 6.5ft. tall. However, there  are many different stands to choose from. Sites like have many stands to choose from. The prices start out less than $100.00 In addition , a lower cost x stand banner stand can be used instead of a retractable banner stand. The bad part is that the x stand banner stand takes up more set up room than a normal pull up banner stand which causes an issue if space is scarce.

Cheap sign shop banner stands in Las Vegas can be found at sign and banner shops that cater to the trade show, exhibit and convention industry. See how these low cost banner stands can help you.




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Wholesale Trade Show Banners in Las Vegas

Wholesale trade show banners in Las Vegas can get you wholesale pricing for signs and banners for the various trade shows held at Las Vegas Convention Center, Sands Expo Center and other trade show venues in Las Vegas. Wholesale pricing is available for vendors who need fast, quality banner printing for the shows.

The cost of printing banners has come down a lot since the invention of the large format printer and subsequent improvements. The current large format printers are using 8 colors to “hit” the right colors for your prints and provide for bright and vivid colors. These large format printers by Epson, Mutoh and Mimaki ( just to name a few) can print several hundred square feet an hour. Consequently, the cost of printing signs and banners has come down as the production speeds have increased. These wide format printers are using eco solvent and latex inks that are environmentally friendly.

There are many trade shows that require banner printing and when coming to Vegas for these shows, many vendors like to have the banners and signs printed in Las Vegas rather than  have them shipped to Las Vegas because many times the banners and signs simply get lost or damaged while in the shipping process. This happens all too frequently and sign shops in Las Vegas make a lot of money printing those last minute rush order signs and banners. So, smart people are learning to take advantage of wholesale banner printing in Vegas and simply pick up their display graphics here. Not only will they save money, but also expensive shipping costs and handling costs associated with storage.

Wholesale trade show banners in Las Vegas can be found at sign and banner shops that provide for a wholesale outlet as well as retail. Simply do a online search for a wholesale banners and signs in Las Vegas Nevada.



Wrinkle Free Fabric Banners

Event Step and Repeat Banners in Las Vegas

Event step and repeat banners in Las Vegas are used at the many events and premiers in Las Vegas. These step and repeat banners  are used at the big events in Hollywood like the “Oscars”, “Academy Awards”, “Country Music Awards”,etc. What happens is that these large step and repeat backdrops are used as backdrops for pictures to be taken against.  The stars or VIP’s stand in front of the backdrop and then their pictures are taken and from no matter what angle the picture is taken, the sponsors name or logo can be seen in the background. Considering that these events are very big and attract much media attention, the value of having your name in the background on a picture that makes world wide attention is huge.

Event step and repeat banners in Las Vegas are printed on a 13 ounce matte banner material ( matte material because there is no light shine off the material or flashback) with eco solvent inks that bring out the brightness and vividness of your graphics. The logos or names you place on the banner is alternated so that is creates a pattern that is offset so that it is easier to see the logos/pictures. The step and repeat banners are then held up with an adjustable banner stand, Velcro or a pipe and drape type system. The costs of a step and repeat banner is about $2.00 a square foot, so a 8ft x 8ft step and repeat banner is around $128.00, and a 10ft x 10ft banner is around $200.00

In addition to events, the upscale night clubs in Las Vegas  are using these step and repeat banners as a way for the tourists to take a picture against them so that when the tourists go back home, everyone will know that they were at your night club. It is a great way to promote your nightclub at a very low cost.


Banner Stand Signs

Cheap Las Vegas Exhibit Banner Stands

Cheap Las Vegas exhibit banner stands can be found in Las Vegas at amazing prices. While sometimes on the internet you can find some print shop offering banner stands at a good price, many times the quality is very poor and you have no recourse. Plus the cost of shipping usually makes the banner stand more expensive than getting it printed locally.  Fortunately, when ordering Las Vegas exhibit banner stands, you can pick up the banner stands while in Las Vegas and see the quality for yourself.

Cheap Las Vegas exhibit banner stands come in many different sizes.  The most common banner stand size is the 33″ x 78″ banner stand that comes with an adjustable pole that allows for height adjustment.  The banner stands come in many different widths such as 24″,36″, 47″, 48″, and 57″ . These stands come in economy price and also the heavy duty stand at a slightly higher price.  All of these stands come with a carrying case that allows for easy transport. The material used for the banner stand prints is a 13 ounce vinyl banner that is then printed on with large format printers with eco solvent ink.  Eco solvent ink allows for bright and vivid colors on the banner stand prints.

Banner stands are one of the most popular display graphics at the exhibit venues in Las Vegas.  There are hundreds of exhibit shows held in Las Vegas every year at the different venues with literally hundreds of thousands of people attending these events annually.  Banner stands are a main part of the marketing strategy for many of the companies displaying at these events.

Cheap Las Vegas exhibit banner stands are available at many of the local sign shops in Las Vegas. By using sites like Yelp and Google Business Reviews , you can determine the best sign shop for you.







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Las Vegas Exhibit Fast Signs and Banners

Las Vegas exhibit fast signs and banners are very popular at the many hundreds of exhibits held each year at places like the Las Vegas Convention Center, Venetian, Aria Convention Center, Sands Expo, etc. Thousands of people come every year to Las Vegas for exhibits and conferences and many signs, banners and banner stands are needed for display at these events. Unfortunately, often times the graphics that you were depending on at the show do not arrive on time or arrive damaged. In cases like these, the signs and banners need to be replaced quickly so that there is no interruption to your display presentation. Sites like have pop up displays that can be purchased for the various exhibits and trade shows.

The modern day sign maker has all the tools to make your sign in a hurry. State of the art sign making equipment has never made sign making easier than ever before. Wide format printers using state of the art inks can get those” hard to hit ” colors and produce prints that are bold and vivid for your exhibit presentations. Banner stands, banners, vinyl signs are no problem anymore and can be made the same day or be ready the next day through one of the many sign shops in Las Vegas. There are many sign shops in Las Vegas because of the amount of people that come to Las Vegas every year for the trade shows and conventions.  Millions of people are attracted yearly to these venues and Las Vegas is the number one destination of these types of shows and displays. Consequently, signs and banners are needed very quickly in Las Vegas because of the ever changing business environment.

Las Vegas exhibit fast signs and banners can be found at local sign shops in the area at very good prices.




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Vegas Fast Signs and Display Graphics For Your Event

Vegas fast signs and display graphics can get you those needed signs and banners for your event in a hurry. Las Vegas is the king of events and exhibits and for a variety of reasons people need to have signs made very quickly and professionally. Fortunately, Las Vegas has many sign shops that can make you those fast signs when you need them in a hurry.

Large format printers have revolutionized the sign industry. These large format printers made by Mimaki, Epson, Mutoh, etc have made sign making easier than ever before. The wide format printers can print several hundred square feet of banner and vinyl an hour with fantastic quality. Printing photos and logos are no problem at all with these large printers  and the colors come out bright and vivid. The inks used today are environmentally friendly and are safe to use. They are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and will last a long time, even in the outdoor heat of a Las Vegas summer.

Vegas fast signs and display graphics are also great for the many conventions and trade shows held in Las Vegas. Millions of people flock annually to Las Vegas for the biggest and best trade shows like the CES ( Consumer Electronic Show) and Conex. Thousands of display graphics are needed for these events and many times people arrive in Las Vegas to display at the shows and find that their graphics did not arrive or were damaged while getting to the shows. In cases like these, fast signs and fast display graphics are necessary so that the show can go on.

Vegas fast signs and display graphics can be made and purchased at many of the larger sign shops in Las Vegas at very reasonable pricing. Just because it is same day does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg.





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Same Day Step and Repeat Banners in Las Vegas

Same day step and repeat banners in Las Vegas are available when you have to get that needed backdrop banner. Many times, for a variety of reasons, backdrop banners get damaged and need to be replaced for that special event. Fortunately, Las Vegas has many sign shops that can assist you in getting that banner.

Step and repeat banners are banners where logos and names are alternately printed on the banner so that from no matter what direction you are looking at it, the names and logos can be seen in the background. Companies use these type of backdrops as a marketing tool. Events like the Oscars or Academy Awards use these types of backdrops in which the movie stars pose in front of these banners and the name of Oscars or Academy Awards can always be seen in the background.

Same day step and repeat banners in Las Vegas can be found at sign shops that have very large printers. Special 10 ft. wide printers are needed for large banners like these.  The banners are printed on a 13 ounce vinyl banner material with eco solvent inks ( for bright and vivid colors) and then hemmed for reinforcement on the perimeter. The client then has the choice of pole pockets or grommets for finishing.

Same Day step and repeat banners in Las Vegas do not necessarily have to be expensive. The average price of a step and repeat banner is around $2.00 a square foot and this would be true if there are no other banners that need to be printed in front of your rush order banner. If production has to be changed and overtime has to be paid, you could expect a small upcharge for the additional cost.

Contact a local sign shop in Las Vegas about  getting your step and repeat banner printed.


Banner Stand Signs

Cheapest Banner Stands in Las Vegas.

Cheapest banner stands in Las Vegas can get you cheap, inexpensive, but yet quality banner stands at a low price. Often, banner stands are ” one shot and thrown away” type graphics that are used at various convention  and exhibit venues like Caesars Palace, Cosmopolitan, Bally’s and Palms Convention Center. Hundreds of exhibits and conferences are held at these venues every year for a  specific crowd and reason. In technology driven industries, what marketing material is good for one month may drastically change the next month. In cases like these, simple, affordable display graphics are needed.

More trade shows and exhibitions are held in Las Vegas than any other place in the world. Not only is Las Vegas designed to hold the biggest and best conventions and exhibits with its ample meeting facilities and rooms, there is the added plus of having fun after the business shows. Las Vegas is known for golf, leisure, gambling, fine dining and a smorgasbord of other amenities to suit everybody’s needs. The year round moderate weather is a great escape during the winter months when you are in a winter storm and want to go to 70 degree weather. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to have their trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas.

Cheapest banner stands in Las Vegas start at under $100 for the 24″ and 33″ models. Even these models have features on them like adjustable pole height that makes them a bargain at that price. While others on the internet are trying to sell you a fixed pole system, an adjustable pole for banner stand height is a premium.

Cheapest banner stands in Las Vegas can be found at select sign shops in the Las Vegas area that cater to the conventions, exhibits and trade shows. Normally, these sign shops are found close to the convention corridor is Las Vegas. Many offer delivery to the different show venues.





Banner Stand Signs

Personalized Banner Stands in Las Vegas

Personalized banner stands in Las Vegas are available at local sign shops in Las Vegas. These personalized banner stands are being used for display graphics at various convention venues like Sands Expo and the Mandalay Bay Convention Center.

Las Vegas is the top destination for trade shows and conventions in the United States.  Everybody loves to come to Las Vegas not only for the business shows, but  for the fun that can be had while being here. Las Vegas is the adult playground where fun can be found 24 hours a day. Not only does Las Vegas have top restaurants, gaming, 24 hour entertainment, great hotels and year round good weather, we have outdoor activities like golf, winter skiing and boating during the summer months. In winter, while the rest of the country is buried in snow, Las Vegas has outdoor weather that allows for you to sit around the hotel pools.

Many banner stands are in use at the various convention venues  and people showing their goods and services at the shows with banner stand display graphics because they cost so little and take up very little room. The most common display graphic is approx. 33″ wide and stands about 80″ tall and you can place all sorts of information on the banner because it is full color and can have pictures and logos on it as well. These banner stands sell for less than $100 and can be often made the same day in which they were ordered. These personalized banner stands come in a multitude of sizes to match your display graphic needs.

Personalized banner stands in Las Vegas can be found at various sign shops that cater to the trade show and convention crowd. Simply do a Google or internet search on your tablet or cell phone to find the right sign shop for you.