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Clark County Construction Banners.

Clark County construction banners are being used by Clark County construction companies at various construction projects throughout Clark County. to help identify companies. Many construction companies place banners on the fence perimeters to let people know that their construction company is working on the project. As silly as this seems, people take notice of construction banners and it helps brand their company.

Clark County construction banners are usually mesh banners. A mesh banner is a banner that is not a solid banner, but yet has holes in it so that air can pass through the banner instead of pushing up against it.  When construction companies place these banners on the fences surrounding the construction project, for long period of times, a mesh banner is needed to reduce stress on the banner. If it was a solid banner, the wind would constantly be pushing up against the banner causing stress to the grommets ( where the banner  attaches to the fence).

Clark County construction banners are not expensive and can be bought at discount prices in the Las Vegas area. Many sign shops run discounts like shown in this You Tube video, Otherwise, a full color vinyl banner usually goes for around $2.00 a square foot ( banner comes with grommets for easy hanging ). Mesh banners go for around $3.50 a square foot and again, come in full color with grommets. A full color banner is a banner that has as many colors on it as you like, including solid background colors. Mesh banners generally last longer than a solid background and are printed with eco solvent or latex inks so that the banner will last a long time in the different Las Vegas seasons.

Clark County construction banners are available at sign and print shops in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable prices and some of the shops offer same day printing for fast results.



Orange No Trespassing Signs

Clark County No Trespass Signs

Clark County no trespass signs are needed on a property if you are trying to enforce the no trespass law. These signs are required by Clark County in specific language for any action to be enforceable. The Clark County web address, is a place to go on the internet to get the information directly from the source.

If you own a piece of property in Las Vegas or the surrounding area, especially vacant land, you will need to have no trespassing signs posted on your property. Specific language needs to be on the sign. Without this specific language, law enforcement actions can be postponed until such signs are in place. Also, for liability purposes, these no trespassing signs are a good idea if someone was to get hurt on your property. You could possibly make a legal argument that they had no right to be on your property and they were in violation of the law.

Clark County no trespass signs are usually orange in color and mounted on an aluminum substrate to prevent the sign from rusting or rotting. A steel sign would most certainly rust in the Las Vegas weather and a wood sign has the potential to rot away. Also, you need to use outdoor print inks so that the Las Vegas sun does not fade your sign during the intense hot summers.  The no trespass signs can then be mounted to a metal pole and pounded into the ground or with a wood stake to properly secure the sign from being knocked over or stolen.

Clark County No trespass signs are not very expensive. A 18″ x 24″ outdoor sign mounted on aluminum with outdoor inks goes for about $15.00 and can be purchased at local sign or print shops in the Las Vegas Valley. Search online for a Las Vegas sign shop near you.




Wrinkle Free Fabric Banners

Paradise Nevada Step and Repeat Banners

Paradise Nevada step and repeat banners are very popular these days with a variety of crowds. People love to take a selfie or a group picture against a themed backdrop banner  and save it as a memento of an occasion. These paradise Nevada step and repeat banners are being used many different places.

Paradise step and repeat banners are vinyl banners in a matte finish that allow for a logo or text to be methodically placed on the banner so that from no matter what angle a picture is taken, the logo or text is always on display. It acts as a giant advertising banner and these background banners can come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the size the business needs. These banners are not expensive and have a cost of a few dollars a square foot. A typical 8ft x 8ft banner costs around $128.00 and can be used over and over again. The convention and trade show crowds like to use them as backdrops as well with the company name and logo on them.

Night clubs are using step and repeat banners so that their guests can take their picture against. Since most people are all dressed up to go out to a night club in Las Vegas , they are looking their best and they want to take a picture to share with other people and themselves. By having a step and repeat banner displaying the night club and/or a sponsor on the banner, the night club and sponsor gets free advertising and marketing.

Paradise Nevada step and repeat banners are also being used at birthday parties of people of all ages. Many times the banner will have the persons name and birthday on the banner and people will take a picture against the banner so that they have a souvenir of the party.  Group pictures will also being taken against the birthday step and repeat banner as well.


Dust 4ft x 8ft Signs, Dust Permit Signs

Discount Clark County Dust Control Signs

Discount Clark County dust control signs are being purchased by smart construction companies all over the Clark County area. Why pay several hundred dollars for a dust control sign when you can get a discounted price. Dust control signs are mandated by Clark County,, Clark County’s requirements can be found at the link above.

A quick review of Clark County’s website shows that only a 4ft x 4ft dust control sign is needed for projects under 10 acres and a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign is needed for projects 10 acres or more. ( There are other requirements and restrictions to this simple rule and you should read the requirements and ask questions from Clark County for a detailed explanation)

Discount Clark County dust control signs are made with an aluminum substrate and then applied with a vinyl application to make sure that they last a long time. A large 10 plus acre construction job will last a long time and a long lasting sign is needed. That is why state of the art inks are used in printing of the sign so make sure that they do not fade in the extreme weather conditions that Las Vegas has to offer. These inks will last years in the outdoor weather of Las Vegas and are mounted on aluminum, versus wood or steel. Steel will rust in the outdoor weather and wood often gets damaged in the Las Vegas weather and does not hold up well. Aluminum will not rust. A filler panel put between 2 sheets of aluminum gives the sign rigidity.

Discount Clark County dust control signs are not expensive and can be designed and printed at cheap and discount prices. A complete 4ft x 4ft dust control sign mounted on aluminum with your custom information to your construction project is less than $100.00.

Orange No Trespassing Signs

Las Vegas No Trespassing Signs

Las Vegas no trespassing signs are needed in Las Vegas by property owners to be in compliance with county regulations regarding the posting of “No Trespassing ” regulations. The county requires these signs to be in place before any enforcement action can be taken against individuals trespassing on your property.

Large corporations who own vacant land around the Las Vegas valley always seem to find homeless people, children setting up their own playground, people illegally dumping, etc.  One of the first things that the county law enforcement officials require is that the necessary legal signage be in place. Not only to protect your property, but also to protect yourself from liability from people getting injured on your property. Nobody want to have children playing on your property and then find themselves injured by broken glass and then defending yourself in court for not having a ” glass free environment”. Lawyers nowadays argue all sorts of strange ideas and win thousands of dollars in damage.

Las Vegas no trespassing signs are made in compliance with county regulations, and are 18″ x 24″ in size so that they can readily be seen. They are then mounted to a fence or a metal pole in the ground on the property. Las Vegas no trespassing signs are usually orange in color ( so they are easily noticed) and are mounted on an aluminum substrate so that the signs  does not get ruined in the outdoor weather. Wood or steel would rot and rust while an aluminum sign will not. Eco solvent or latex inks are used in the printing of the sign so that the inks do not fade in a short period of time. These state of the art inks are made to last more than 3 years in the outdoors. This is especially important since Las Vegas has a very warm summer and the sun destroys thing very quickly.


Dust 4ft x 8ft Signs, Dust Permit Signs

Henderson Nevada Dust Control Signs

Henderson Nevada dust control signs are required by government agencies for certain construction projects. It is mandatory to have compliance and this government decree is backed up with threats of fines and revocations for your construction project.

Henderson Nevada dust control signs are required to be certain sizes and the text on the signs are required to be certain sizes as well. Generally, it is 4″ letters in height with certain text( like permittee in 2″ letters). Knowing the difference can be difference in a project revocation and licenses pulled.

Henderson Nevada dust control signs are usually made with an aluminum double sided panel ( so that the signs lasts and does not rust or get ruined in the outdoor weather) and then the necessary information is printed on  vinyl and then applied to the substrate. The aluminum substrate is them mounted to wood posts or other objects securely so that it can be seen easily. The inks that is used for the Henderson Nevada dust control sign is eco solvent or latex inks so that the information on the sign does not fade. Many times sign shops without the necessary equipment will use any type of ink to print the signs thinking that it just has to last a few months. But with the extreme heat of Las Vegas, long lasting ,fade resistant eco solvent or latex inks are needed.

The most common size dust control sign is the 4ft x 4ft sign. On certain projects, the sign is needed to be 4ft x 8ft to be in compliance based on the acreage of the project. The 4ft x 4ft dust control sign costs less than $100 and the larger 4ft x 8ft dust control sign costs around $175.00.

Contact your local sign company for your dust control signs so you are in compliance with government regulations.


Banners and Signs For Grand Opening

Las Vegas Custom Birthday Banners For Parties

Las Vegas custom birthday banners are being used at birthday parties all over he Las Vegas Valley. Moms and Dads are learning that birthday party banners add to the fun and give off a wonderful feeling of a party atmosphere. Moms and dads are placing their child’s picture on the banner or putting cartoon characters on the banner for everyone to enjoy.

Las Vegas birthday banners also include party banners for adults. Many adults like to have birthday banners made up and then leave room on the banners to have everyone sign the birthday banners and leave personal messages on the banner so that it can be reflected on later. The signed birthday banner can be rolled up and saved for future birthday celebrations or just for personal reflection. Pictures of people can be taken against the banner as well as souvenirs of the birthday event.

Local sign shops in Las Vegas an design your banner or you can design your birthday banners online and have it shipped to you. Also, some sign shops in Las Vegas have online banner design programs that allow you to create your own personalized banners, including the upload of pictures to assist you in really designing a customized banner. These online banner design programs are state of the art allowing you to create a banner that you will be proud of.

Las Vegas custom birthday banners are not expensive. A very popular size of 3ft x 5ft full color custom banner costs around $30.00 and this includes grommets so that the birthday banner can be hung very easily with common tools and supplies. If bigger birthday banners are needed, places like in Las Vegas can assist you in getting really big banners to help celebrate your birthdays. Contact a local sign shop to assist you with your Las Vegas custom birthday banners.




"A" Frame Sign

Henderson Nevada Sidewalk Signs For Stores.

Henderson Nevada sidewalk signs are being used with great success for stores in Henderson Nevada. These temporary and easily transportable signs are sending the message to customers that you are open for business. Henderson stores are simply placing their advertising message on these sidewalk signs and placing them near sidewalks ,walkways and roadways and getting their marketing message seen.

Henderson Nevada sidewalk signs are designed for temporary signage to help sell certain products or services. One Henderson Nevada café uses these sidewalk signs to inform customers what specials he is advertising for lunch and dinner in an effort to promote business. This Henderson café is finding great success with this method. They find whatever extra food they have and then plan a meal around it before the food gets spoiled and thrown away. By promoting this food ( while the food is still healthy) he avoids spoilage, which is a big cost in the restaurant business. Or perhaps his supplier has extra vegetables or some other product at a discount price, this café will buy it at a discount and then promote the sale of it at a discount for their customers. Their customers love discounts and everybody is happy.

Henderson Nevada sidewalk signs are very easy to move around since they are so light. On windy days, the sidewalk signs allow for water or sand to be placed inside the plastic frame to weigh them down so they can withstand the wind. These sidewalk signs also offer easy change out of the signage without any type of screws, tape or other fasteners. The advertising simply changes out with a self retaining system.

Henderson Nevada sidewalk signs are not expensive and the signage can be changed very frequently and at little cost. Contact a local sign shop to purchase yours today and see your store get more business.



Window Signs

Henderson NV. Window Graphics For Businesses.

Henderson NV. window graphics are a cheap and easy way to improve advertising for your business. Window graphics are generally not regulated by local government agencies and they will allow window graphics without a permit.

Henderson NV. window graphics include the most common graphic, the company name and business hours. Most companies put their company name, business hours, contact information and other pertinent information on their entrance door or adjacent window to let customers know their hours. These window graphics are usually made with plotted white vinyl letters ( white lettering shows up well on glass where other colors like black, blue, red, etc. are hard to see ). This type of window graphics are not very expensive. The plotted lettering with 4-5 lines of plotted white letters can be purchased at a sign shop for around $25.00 and can be self installed. Otherwise, a professional can come out for a small service charge and apply the window graphics to your glass door or window.

Henderson NV. window graphics also include painted window advertising, such as seen at McDonalds and other fast food restaurants. Other window graphics include larger vinyl lettering and one way graphics. One way graphics, or also known as window vision, is printed window graphics on a perforated vinyl that allows for one side to be printed with advertising that can be seen on one side, while nearly invisible on the other side. This allows for people on the inside to see out. This window vision is easily installed by professionals and non professionals. The installation is much like wallpaper or window tint. There are many tutorials on the internet that help a beginner learn how to install it themselves.

Henderson NV. window graphics can be purchased at your local sign shop in Henderson at very reasonable prices. Take advantage of this low cost advertising graphic.



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Las Vegas Discount Trade Show Signs

Las Vegas Discount Trade show signs are helping many trade show exhibitors and displays in Las Vegas so that the show goes on. With the high costs of exhibiting at a trade show and all the expenses associated with attending, its nice to know that you can get discount trade show signs in Las Vegas.

Las Vegas is the number one destination for trade shows in the world. Las Vegas has so much to offer that every one wants to have their conventions and trade show here.   With all the entertainment, fine dining, shows, gambling and other amenities, its no wonder Las Vegas is the number one destination for trade shows. Consequently because of the popularity of being number one, there are many sign shops in the Las Vegas area with state of the art sign making equipment to make sure you get the best deals on your signs. Many exhibitors prefer to have their signs made in Las Vegas rather than risk damaging or lost signage while transporting them to their trade show.

Las Vegas discount trade show signs offers discounts of an array of signs such as banners, retractable banners, foam core signs and other signage. Vinyl banner in Las Vegas can be purchased for the low price of around $2.00 a square foot at several sign shops ( full color banners, bright inks and with grommets for easy installation) Foam core signs ( that are great for displays and presentations) go for the discount price of around $4.00 at various sign shops in Las Vegas. In addition, there are retractable banners, x stand banners and all other types of signage available at the Las  Vegas sign shops to help you have a great and successful experience at you trade shows at discount prices.

Las Vegas discount trade show signs can be purchased at many of the local sign shops in Las Vegas . Simply do a internet Google search for a sign shop near you.