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Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft Vinyl Banners For Step Repeat Background

There are many special events that are held in the Las Vegas area. Las Vegas is one of the most fun places in the world to go because of all the amenities that Las Vegas has to offer. Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft vinyl banners are being used at these special events as backdrop step and repeat banners.

Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft vinyl banners are the perfect size to have for a step and repeat banner. The banner is large enough so that you can get many people in front of the banner without the edges coming into play. The purpose of the step and repeat banner is to make sure that from no matter what angle a photograph or video is being shot from, the logos or names of the companies that are sponsoring the event are seen in the background. This is a great way to promote a company or brand.

Las Vegas has many casinos and night clubs that are always promoting events and these Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft vinyl banners are being used at these events.  Las Vega is always hosting the Kardashians, Hilton Paris and all sorts of other celebrities and pictures are being taken against the large banners.

Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft vinyl banners are printed on a 13oz. matte vinyl banner material. The matte material allows for pictures and videoing to take place without the light reflecting from the banner material.  Usually they use an adjustable banner display that allows for the banner to be stretched and set up properly. Otherwise, they tack the Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft vinyl banners to the wall to hold it up.

These popular banners can be found at local sign shops or print shops in Southern Nevada. Simply do a online Google search or yellow page search to find a shop near you.

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Las Vegas Stand Up Banners For Shows and Exhibits.

Las Vegas stand up banners are a crowd favorite for people displaying at trade shows and exhibits. Las Vegas stand up banners are very easy to set up and remove and offer extreme portability since they all fit in a convenient carrying case provided with your retractable banner. These amenities make it very popular with people seeking backdrop graphic design.

Las Vegas stand up banners are  not very expensive and considered a cheap marketing tool with a great return on investment. Las Vegas stand up banners are inexpensive, with the 33″ x 78″ model costing less than $100.00.  These stand up banners can be used for many shows and last a long time.  Most of the time, the graphics are replaced before the stand up banners need replacement.

The 33″ x 78″ retractable stand up banner seems to be the most popular version of the stand up banners. They offer easy set  up and can be placed next to one another so as to offer a larger graphic design. By placing the stand up banners next to each other, it promotes continuity of a larger graphic wall and makes a large impression on potential customers. Another popular size stand up banner is the 47″ x 78″ model. Again this stand up banner is retractable and rolls up into a very compact stand that goes into a carrying case and is simply carried away to the next show. There is no need for expensive set up costs at the conventions when you can simply carry your graphics with you and set them up in just a few minutes. There are many tutorials on ” You Tube” to help learn how to set up a retractable banner.

Las Vegas stand up banners can be found at local sign shops or print shops in the Las Vegas area at very reasonable costs. These stand up banners make for wonderful background props.



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Las Vegas Economy Window Graphics For Stores.

Las Vegas economy window graphics help a store use their windows as an effective form of advertising at a cheap price. Las Vegas economy window graphics are available at very reasonable rates and offer a great return on investment.

There are many types of Las Vegas economy window graphics. Simple window graphics are plotted white vinyl on your windows and doors to put your name, hours of operation, telephone number, website and other contact information. Simply plotted vinyl lettering could also include listing  your merchandise on your windows so as to let people know what you sell or service.

Las Vegas economy window graphics also include painted windows. Businesses like McDonalds and Taco Bell will use neon paint to illustrate what products they offer and what food specials they have going. Neon paint on windows usually lasts a couple of months before it starts to fade and flake.

Las Vegas economy window graphics also include window perforation or one way graphics.  Window perforation graphics are graphics that are printed on the window perforation that allows the advertisement to be seen outside the windows , but not  from inside the store. This also allows the person inside the store to look outside without distraction, but only allows the person outside to see the advertisement on the outside. This window perforation can be changed out on the windows at an affordable rate and the advertisement can be changed. Otherwise, this window perforation will last several years before needing to be replaced. An additional advantage of window perforation is that it saves on cooling costs because the window perforation blocks out the sunlight ( is especially important during the hot summer months of Las Vegas).

Las Vegas economy window graphics offer a great way to advertise on your windows for a great return on your investment.



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Las Vegas 5ft x 15ft Vinyl Banners

Las Vegas businesses are using vinyl banners to market their products. Las Vegas 5ft x 15ft vinyl banners are just of  the many sizes that are being used by successful companies in the Las Vegas area. These oversized banners are making a huge impression on customers and increasing sales.

Las Vegas 5ft x 15ft vinyl banners are being placed on store locations with the idea that the banners catch the eye of passing motorists and alerts them to who you are and what you are selling. Large grocery stores will use this type of advertisement to announce seasonal items on sale or the arrival of certain types of food. While grocery stores use weekly mailers to get customers attention, these large banners seem to make a better impression. How many times does junk mail get delivered to you mailbox and just get thrown out ? Yet, while most people drive, they become aware of their surroundings and will take notice of these large banners.

Las Vegas 5ft x 15ft vinyl banners are not expensive and some consider them downright cheap as a form of advertisement since they always seem to get a big response from consumers. Las Vegas 5ft x 15ft vinyl banners sell for around $150.00

These large banners come with many amenities such as grommets for easy hanging and hemming on all the sides for perimeter reinforcement. They are printed with large format printers with inks designed to last through the hot summer months of the Las Vegas area.  Grocery stores will use these types of  banner seasonally and then just put them away for the next season to be used again. Businesses that are located near major streets or highways use these banners to attract the attention of the thousands of vehicles that pass by everyday. The most successful vinyl banners are those that deliver a clear and concise marketing message with contrasting colors so that they stand out.


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Las Vegas Same Day Banner Printing.

Las Vegas same day banner printing is available in Las Vegas through one of the many sign and print shops in Las Vegas. Las Vegas NV. is the ” Sign Capital of The World” because of all the casinos and the fact that Las Vegas is number 1 in conventions and trade shows. More people come to Las Vegas conventions and trade shows than any other place in the world.

Why not come to Las Vegas for your trade show or exhibit ? There are so many things to do in Las Vegas that are fun and interesting. There is skiing at Mt. Charleston, boating and water skiing at nearby Lake Mead and some of the best golf in Las Vegas near the casinos. At night, LAs Vegas comes to life. There is gambling, fine dining at some of the best restaurants in the world,  first class entertainment, and 24 hour night life.

Many times people come to Las Vegas for the conventions and forget their exhibit graphics and need to have them replaced immediately so the convention show can go on.  Las Vegas same day banner printing allows for immediate replacement of lost or damaged graphics. While sign shops get a small premium for this service, it is well worth it to have your graphics when you need them. Most of the time, even with a small inconvenience fee, the cost of the graphics is less than what the graphics would have cost back home. Las Vegas same day banner printing can easily be performed because sign shops are using large format printers that can print vinyl banners at amazing speeds. These high tech printers can print over 100 sq. ft. an hour

Las Vegas same day banner printing  can assist you in replacing those lost or damaged graphics  so that you can do your business as intended.


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Las Vegas Winchester Economy Vinyl Banners.

Las Vegas Winchester economy vinyl banners are the “Best Bang For The Buck”  when it comes to marketing your business or event. Las Vegas Winchester economy vinyl banners are priced very cheap and economical and make great adverting sense. These low cost vinyl banners attract attention.

Las Vegas Winchester economy vinyl banners  are being used by businesses all through the Winchester area of Las Vegas to gain an advantage over other businesses in the area. Smart businesses have learned that by placing vinyl banners on their premises that can be seen by people passing by, business increases through this exposure. Stores are advertising on these banners the companies products and services along with any store specials. Some of the businesses in Winchester Las Vegas are taking advantage of this situation if they are located on or near a busy street or freeway. By placing large banners on the top of their buildings, these banners can be seen from a far distance. if you owned a air conditioning company in Las Vegas, imagine the attention your very large vinyl banner would get if it was prominently displayed during the summer months. Everyday people ( literally thousands) would see your air conditioning company’s name and would be calling you if they had air conditioner  related issues. Many small to medium companies are using this strategy of vinyl banner placement to greatly increase their sales and brand awareness.

Las Vegas Winchester economy vinyl banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material with high tech inks that are designed to last a long time both indoors and outdoors. The vinyl banners come with grommets that are placed every 24″ or so  that allow the vinyl banner to be easily hung to most surfaces. Simply contact a local sign or print shop for your vinyl banner quote and enjoy  the increased business.


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Paradise NV. Economy Vinyl Banners.

Paradise NV. economy vinyl banners are being used by the successful businesses in the Paradise area of Las Vegas. Smart businesses realize that cheap vinyl banners are a fantastic and economical way to get the attention of the masses of people who travel by their stores and locations everyday.

Paradise NV. economy vinyl banners are being strategically placed on the businesses structures in such a way as to be seen by the thousands of people who travel by their locations everyday. The businesses then advertise their goods and services and make there company get noticed instead of blending in with all the other structures.  By placing the vinyl banners at the top of their structures, they are able to be seen very easily by people traversing by.

Paradise NV. economy vinyl banners are not very expensive and considered by many to be downright cheap. Custom made vinyl banners are about $2.00 a square foot and many times sign shops will have these banners on sale. Currently, many sign shops in the Las Vegas area are offering  a 3ft x 8ft vinyl banner for under $40.00 ( This is about $1.70 a sq. ft.) and is a great deal to the customer. At this price, the banner is full color and comes with grommets every couple of feet at the top and bottom so that it can be displayed very easily using common items like string, rope, bungee cords, zip ties, wire, etc. Basic design time of your banner is included with this price as well. If the design of the banner is intricate, a surcharge for graphic design time is generally required.

Businesses within the Paradise Las Vegas area are having great success with these economy banners , which is why there are so many of the banners being displayed on businesses throughout the area. Simply call a local sign shop to assist you in making more money.



Las Vegas Realtor Signs

Las Vegas Realty Signs For GLVAR Members.

Las Vegas realty signs are made by professional sign makers in the Las Vegas area. These Las Vegas realty signs are made with pride and professionalism by experienced sign makers who want realtors to be proud of their signs.

Posterhead Signs is a sign maker that is a “Member Benefit Partner” with the GLVAR, Greater Las Vegas Realtor Association. As a Member Benefit Partner, we supply signs to the thousands of Realtors located in the Las Vegas area at discounted prices. GLVAR member get an additional 10% off all real estate signs as a means of expressing support for the Las Vegas real estate agents.

Las Vegas realty signs are printed on a vinyl substrate and then applied to a e-panel ( double sided aluminum panel with a filler substrate-provides for additional strength and integrity of the sign)or the traditional sign with .040 aluminum. The sign is then grommeted at 16″ centered so that it can be hung properly and also grommeted at the bottom of the sign so that riders can be hung of the real estate sign as well. This allows for “Pool”, Casita” City Views” Basement” type riders to be hung from the sign so as to include additional information about the property for sale or lease.

Las Vegas realty signs are traditionally 18″ x 24″  but some realty companies have elected to go with larger signs such as the 24″ x 24″ and the 24″ x 36″ sign.  Also, special communities sometimes require special made signs so as to comply with Homeowners Associations. There are many sign installation companies located in Las Vegas to assist realtors in having their real estate signs displayed properly.

To find a Las Vegas realty sign maker , simply do a online Google or Yahoo search for the search term ” real estate signs in Las Vegas” and a number of results will come up that will lead you to the right real estate sign maker.


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Las Vegas Economy Vinyl Banners For Businesses.

Las Vegas economy vinyl banners are part of the marketing plan of many small and large businesses in Las Vegas. From Mom and Pop stores to large businesses,  businessmen have noticed that using vinyl banners have drastically improved business sales.

Las Vegas economy vinyl banners are being placed on business structures all throughout the Las Vegas area. Businesses are advertising there merchandise or their name on the banners and drawing the attention of new customers by placing these vinyl banners on the outside of their buildings and attracting the attention of potential customers who drive by. Businesses are placing different size banners of different colors with remarkable success. One only has to drive along the Las Vegas freeway to see these businesses ( that range from A/C companies to landscapers) advertising their products and services on these large banners and then placing them on their buildings that are in direct view of passing motorists. At the 95 freeway and 15freeway ( Spaghetti Bowl as it is known in Las Vegas) one very successful furniture company is constantly placing banners on their store and then rotating those banners as so to always give people a ” fresh look” at new advertising.

Las Vegas economy vinyl banners are not expensive and are very cheap as compared to other forms of advertising. Once paid for, the banners easily last over a year in the Las Vegas area. Considering that it gets over 110 degrees many days of the year, these vinyl banners have a great return on investment. Once hung, these banners keep driving in new customers. These cheap vinyl banners can be yours for $2.00 or less a square foot. They come in full color and with grommets as well.

Just contact a local sign company in Las Vegas to take advantage of these great vinyl banners and improve your company sales and bottom line.


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Las Vegas Pull Up Banners For Conventions.

Las Vegas pull up banners are the most popular advertising display at trade shows and conventions in Las Vegas. Las Vegas pull up banners are also known as retractable banner stands and roll up banner stands. They are basically a banner that is mounted to a retractable stand that allows for compactness and easy portability.

The 2 most popular size pull up banners are the 33″ x 78″ and the 47″ x 78″. While there are many other sizes available, 36″ x 78″, 24″ x 78″ etc. the 33″ and 47″ seem to be the most popular. These pull up stands  can also be placed next to one another so that the design seems to be continuous, thus giving a much larger impression. Some exhibitors will place 3 Las Vegas pull up banners next to each other and almost make a 10ft graphic wide by 6 1/2 ft. tall design.

Exhibitors like pull up banners because they are easily transported one show  to another and take no special skill set to set up and take down. Instead of hiring  expensive laborers to set up your convention booth, companies simply elect to have the employees set up their own booths and save big money.

Las Vegas pull up banners are printed with a 13 ounce banner material that can be printed with as many colors as you would like. Pictures and logos represent no graphic design challenge and can be placed on the banners as well. The banner stand comes with a retractable or telescopic pole which allows the banner to be stretched to the desired height.

If your pull up banner stand is lost or damaged, many sign shops in the Las Vegas area cater to conventions and trade shows and can have your pull up banner replaced in a timely manner. Many sign shops even offer the choice of delivery to the convention facilities for a nominal charge.