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Table Front Vinyl Banners For Shows.

Table front vinyl banners are being used by people attending trade shows and exhibits. When they have a table that faces the front of the exhibit with pamphlets and other sales material, people are placing banners on the front of the table to help identify what they are selling.

Table front vinyl banners contain are taped to the front of a exhibition table and are usually 2 or 4ft in length and approximately 24″ in height. It is important to not have the table banner touch the floor. It is advisable to have the table banner be about 4″ from the bottom of the floor so that people who walk up to the table do not kick the banner or step on it. By allowing that 4″ height gap at the base, peoples feet naturally go underneath the banner and this will allow for a much longer banner life and also stop you from having to constantly readjust the banner after it has been pulled and tugged on.

Table front vinyl banners can be any colors and contain pictures, logos, etc. These table vinyl banners are printed with large format printers that use state of the art inks to get the brightest and vivid colors. The cost of a 2ft x 6ft banner would be about $24.00 ( or about $2.00 a square foot) The price would include design time along with a finished print banner. The vinyl banners are usually made with 13 ounce banner material and inks that are designed for either outdoor or indoor use.

To find table front vinyl banners near you, simply go online and search vinyl banners and an array of sign and print shops will be in the search results. Pick a sign or print shop near you that has the right equipment for your needs. Just let them know what size the table is, what you would like on your table front vinyl banner and they will be more than happy to assist you in your signage needs.




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