Las Vegas Cloth Fabric Step Repeat Banners

Background Banners For Special Events

Background banners, also known as step and repeat banners , are gaining in popularity at special events where pictures are going to be taken. The whole idea of background banners is to have a logo or name on a banner in the background so that the logo or name will always be seen in the background so that when you take a picture, that logo or name will be prominent and featured. Many times, you have seen this at the Emmy’s. Golden Globe Awards and other famous events.

Background banner are not very expensive and the cost has come down considerably over the years so that the average person or event can now afford to be treated like a star. In Las Vegas, there is considerable demand for these types of background banners ( step and repeat banners). Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and where everyone goes to have fun. Las Vegas is famous for their nightlife, world class accommodations and food, and of course, gambling.  Many special events are held in Las Vegas that need background banners

Background banners are very affordable. The average cost is around $2.00 a square foot. For larger background banners, the place to go in Las Vegas is, this place specializes in very large background banners / Step and Repeat Banners.

It is important to remember that you should use a matte material when producing  background banners so that there is no camera flash glare or bright light glare reflecting off the banner in the background. You want a matte finish on the material so that it does not reflect lighting that could ruin your special pictures. Background banners can be attached to existing walls or simply have their own pole self retaining mechanism to attach it to so that it can be moved easily and be used again at a later date.


Las Vegas Window Graphics

Business Window Graphics For Your Store.

Business window graphics are part of a successful marketing package of any business in Las Vegas. Business window graphics are cheap and can easily be changed to accommodate different occasions.

Business window graphics include store hours, name, hours of operation, website information, email address and other contact information. More advanced business window graphics include window vision ( see through window graphic), painted window graphics, product and services information.

All Las Vegas businesses should at the very minimum have their store name, hours, phone number on their windows or door to let people know what hours they are open and a way to contact them if they are not open. These business window graphics are very affordable. Basic information in plotted white vinyl for your store name and hours,etc. would be around $20- $25.00

More advanced business window graphics include see though window graphics and painted windows. Painted windows are real popular at fast food location like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and other similar places. They use bright fluorescent paints to attract your attention as you pass by.  See  through window graphics ( window vision) is a 60/40 permeated vinyl  that allows you to print a message on the outside of the vinyl that can be seen from the outside, but not from the inside of the store. Its also called one way window graphics. These business window graphics are great for stores that have a lot of windows. The cost of printed window vision is about $3.50 a sq. ft. If you have ever installed window tint or wallpaper, you can most likely install the window vision yourself and save money.

Business window graphics are an integral part of marketing your store in Las Vegas. These simple but effective window graphics sets you apart from your neighbors and allows people to clearly identify your store from another location.



Las Vegas 8ft x 8ft Fabric Banner Printing Cheap

Giant Banner Signs For Las Vegas Businesses.

Giant banner signs are not just for the Las Vegas casinos anymore. Giant banner signs are affordable for the average Las Vegas business with the room to hang them. While generally businesses use 5ft x 10ft banners or smaller, advances in printing have allowed for small businesses to use giant banners and get noticed.

There is much to say about the positive results of smaller banners, especially like the 3ft x 8ft vinyl banners. They definitely have a place in advertising for small businesses. These smaller banners can fit almost anywhere on buildings and be made to fit whatever space is available. These smaller vinyl banners are easy to install and can be taken down and replaced in rotation to always give your business a new look.

Giant banner signs are much like there smaller cousins the 3ft x 8ft banners, but only much bigger. They are printed much the same as regular banners, on a 13 ounce banner material and with full colors. Giant banners give a distinct advantage because of their size. Many businesses that are next to major roads or freeways are placing these  vinyl banners on their buildings so that everybody can see them as they drive past their buildings. The smaller banners are harder to see, but not the giant banners. They are much like billboards and can be seen from great distances.

The cost of giant vinyl banners is a couple of dollars a square foot. These giant banners come with reinforced edges and with grommets so they are ready for hanging. I( I would recommend a professional installer because of the weight of the banner and the height at which you most likely hanging the banner. ) For really big banners and oversized banners , seems to be the place in Las Vegas to purchase giant banners.

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12″ x 18″ Car Magnets.

12″ x 18″ car magnets are increasing in popularity for advertising because they can easily be put on a car and taken off and transferred to another vehicle in seconds. This allows for a family car to be turned into a business car in seconds with 12″ x 18″ car magnets.

Car magnets can come in a variety of sizes and colors but the main size seems to be the 12″ x 18″ car magnets. This is because that size seems to be the universal fit for most vehicles without the car magnet going over a body molding or body line. This is important because if the car magnet is not flush against the metal of the car, a gap is present and at high speeds, wind gets between the car magnet and the car body and the car magnet gets blown off the car. While car magnets can come in bigger sizes, also the weight of the car magnet plays a factor for having it come off the vehicle.  Much as a refrigerator magnet moves around when your child slams the refrigerator door, the car magnets also get jostled around and have a tendency to separate from the body of a vehicle if they are too heavy.

12″ x 18″ car magnets can come in any different  colors, meaning you can have as many colors you want on your car magnets along with logos and pictures. It is important to remember that the more more information you have on a 12″ x 18″ car magnet, the more convoluted it is to be able to read it when you are on the highway. Sometimes simplicity is the best method of advertising.

12″ x 18″  car magnets are not expensive. The average price for a set of ( 2) is approximately $30.00 in Las Vegas, Nevada area. This includes the design of the car magnets as well.



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Las Vegas Very Large Banners To Get Noticed.

Las Vegas very large banners will definitely get your business noticed above the competitions. Las Vegas very large banners are being used by successful businesses to get an advantage over their competitors.

Smart businesses that have the building size are putting Las Vegas very large banners on the sides of their buildings in order to draw the attention of people passing by.  Many smart businesses next to the freeway are using this strategy to take advantage of the thousands of cars that drive by on the local freeway each and every day. These people are looking around during rush hour traffic and they take notice of these very large banners that advertise a product or service. The fact that they see the banner everyday constantly reminds them about your specials and are likely to tell their friends.

Las Vegas very large banners come in a variety of sizes and colors. These banners can have as many colors you want on them and can be any size you want. A local sign company in Las Vegas are selling these banners at very low prices,

These banners are made with 13 ounce banner material and printed on with state of the art printing inks that last a long time in the outdoors in the Vegas area. These inks have no problem lasting 3 plus years in the harsh Las Vegas sun.

Businesses are using these banners much like a billboard, except for the monthly rental fees. Once the vinyl banner is printed ( at a cost of around $2.00 a square foot ) and the banner is hung on your building, there are no monthly rental fees. Its paid for and the results will amaze you and you will be very happy with the return on investment. Las Vegas very large banners work and they can work for you.




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Las Vegas Affordable Banners For Effective Advertising.

Las Vegas affordable banners gives a business an opportunity to market their wares and services in  a cost effective method. Las Vegas affordable banners allows a business to advertise using vinyl banners.

Many businesses are using vinyl banners both inside and outside their stores to draw attention to the products.  Shoe businesses use indoor banners to designate what areas are stocking  men’s or women’s shoes and the sizes.  For example, a small vinyl banner can designate men’s shoes ( dress, outdoor or sports ). These banners can be in any color and size. Indoor banners can last many years since the inks are fade resistant for 3 plus years.

Las Vegas affordable banners are traditionally used for outdoor usage. These vinyl banners are printed with special inks that allow for bright and vivid colors that can withstand the hot summer sun of Las Vegas. Outdoor vinyl banners can easily last well over a year in the Las Vegas climate.

Las Vegas affordable banners are just that, affordable and inexpensive.  These affordable banners can many times be yours for less than $2.50 a square foot.  Many times, Las Vegas sign shops offer specials on vinyl banners, both indoor and outdoor. Sign shops are offering a 3 foot x 8 foot full color banner for $39.00.  This banner comes with grommets and full color, meaning you can have as many colors you want on the vinyl banner. Usually, designing the banner is free unless it is a very detailed and time consuming banner.

Las Vegas affordable banners offer a business to market their products or services in a large way.  Many times, businesses will rotate their outdoor banners in order to always change the appearance of the store and make people inquisitive as to what is on sale. Many times, businesses leave the same banner up for months at a time and it loses its effectiveness.

2 Sided Flyers

Las Vegas 2 Sided Business Cards.

Las Vegas 2 sided business cards are being used by Las Vegas business professionals as a way to introduce themselves to other people. Not only are they being used by businesses as a reference, they are also being used in social situations for contact information.

Las Vegas 2 sided business cards are being used as a way for people to give contact information at social events. People simply hand over their business card and that has all the pertinent information on them. In todays world, most people have websites, email addresses , twitter, snapshot,  facebook,  etc information on them.  Instead of having to give out a phone number, one can merely hand out a business card and say ” get hold of me”.

More traditionally, Las Vegas 2 sided business cards are used in business to help the other person retain your business contact information. Both sided of the business card are being used because of all the necessary contact information that they hold. Just 10 years ago, it was only the basic information you had on a business card, a company name, logo, your name, address and telephone number. With advancements in social media, there are many contact mediums such as Facebook, Snapshot, email, Twitter and a host of other social media forums.

Las Vegas 2 sided  business cards are printed on 14pt stock, both sides and in full color. The cards are 2inch x 3.5 inch and can either come in vertical or horizontal style. The cost of 1,000 business cards ( print ready file ) is $25.00 and the cost of 5,000 Las Vegas 2 sided business cards are $65.00 with a 3 to 5 day delivery. At these low prices, the business cards must be in a print ready file. The business cards can come in a matte finish or a UV coted finish with other finishing options for the business cards also available.



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Vinyl Banner Signs For Store Display.

Vinyl banner signs are being used by stores to display their goods in a larger way. Vinyl banner signs are being hung on the inside and outside of retail stores to let customers know what specials the store is advertising.

Customers are finding that it is real easy to navigate your wayn through a store if there are vinyl banner signs hanging from the ceiling or upper walls of a store. They can se the vinyl banner signs and move in the direction they want. These vinyl banner signs also offer space for advertising a sale on pants, shirts, and all other sorts of merchandise. Vinyl banner signs are not  very expensive. For example, a small 3ft x 3ft vinyl banner sign costs around $12.00 or about $2 a sq. ft. These in store vinyl banner signs can be easily changed out and come in full color ( meaning you can have as many colors on them as you want ) and also come with grommets for easy hanging.

Retail stores are also finding out that vinyl banner signs can be used outdoors as well and can be seen from a far distance so that people driving by in their cars can take notice of your items on sale as well. Stores are hanging these banners at the tops of there buildings so that they have a unobstructed view to the people passing by. The inks that are used on the outside banners are eco solvent or latex which means they are designed to last a long time in the heat of the Las Vegas sun. Many stores are rotating their sign banners so that the store always appears to have new and fresh merchandise on sale.

Vinyl banner signs are a great way to let your customer know what you have on sale so they can purchase your products.



Las Vegas Summerlin Vinyl Banners

Same Day Vinyl Banners.

Same day vinyl banners are available in the Las Vegas area. Every so often,  a business finds themselves in a predicament where they need same day vinyl banners. They are fortunate, because Las Vegas is the sign capital of the world.

More people come to Las Vegas for the trade shows and conventions than any other place on this planet. And why not ? Las Vegas has some of the finest eating restaurants in the world, first class entertainment, 24 hour nightlife at the best party clubs in the world, gambling and the best hotels in the world.  Consequently, Las Vegas has a large service industry that is needed to supply the trade shows. conventions and casinos  with signage.

Same day vinyl banners are not expensive either. Vinyl banners( which are full color and come with grommets for easy hanging ) cost about $2.00 a square foot in Las Vegas. They are printed with large format printers with inks that are environmentally friendly that produce bright and long lasting colors.

Many times people come into town for a trade show or convention and find that their signage has been lost in transit, damaged in transit or just plain forgotten back home. Same day vinyl banners can be had because the hardest part of the banner has already been done. The design is the hardest part of the banner. Making sure the customer is getting all the artwork and coloring scheme is the toughest part of making vinyl banners. In this case, if the banner has already been made, it would be easy to just print the banner off the existing artwork. A 3ft x 10ft banner can be printed in full color in about 20 minutes are so and the total job would be an hour or less from start to finish for you replacement banner.


2 Sided Flyers

Double Sided Business Cards.

Double sided business cards are getting more popular with people in the business community. More information is now being put on the business card than ever before and consequently, you need to take advantage of both sides of the business card.

Double sided business cards are basically a 2 inch x 3.5 inch standard card with text or design on both sides of the card. Twenty years ago, people didn’t have websites, email addresses, Twitter, Facebook, Snapshot and all other sorts of media that we use today in our social and business life. With so much contact information needed In today’s society, its almost a must to be able to use both sides of the standard business card.

Double sided business cards are not expensive.  5,000 of full color double sided business cards cost approx. $65.00.  1,000 double sided business cards in full color cost roughly $25.00. Design fees are usually a small additional fee if your business card is not designed. These cards are printed on a 14pt stock with a UV coating on them to give the business card a little shine on them.  However, matte is always an option if you choose to go that way.

Double sided business cards will allow you get all the necessary contact information on your card. Traditionally, business cards are just a easy way to remind people who you are long after you have met them. it is merely an introduction and it is you that has to make the final sale. Business cards have a long history in the business profession.

To find Las Vegas double sided business cards in your area, simply do a online Google search or internet search with the key search term being ” Las Vegas business cards” and a local provider will come up in the search results that will be able to assist you in your business card needs.