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Officer Darren Wilson Signs

Officer Darren Wilson signs are all over the television and internet because of his involvement with the shooting death of Michal Brown. Officer Darren Wilson signs are both supportive and not so supportive.

Here are some of the sayings of the Officer Darren Wilson Signs:

1. Support Officer Wilson

2. I Support Darren Wilson

3. We Love and Support Darren Wilson

4. I Love Darren Wilson

5. My Family and Friends Support Darren Wilson

6. It’s About The Rule of Law.

These are some of the Officer Darren Wilson Signs that you see on the internet and news. There are some other signs relating to Officer Darren Wilson that are not so supportive and contain some profanity and questionable language.

It all started when Officer Darren Wilson of the Ferguson Police Department had an encounter with Michael Brown over some type of walking down the street issue.  After the Officer made contact with Mr. Michael Brown, a fight ensued and in the end, Michael Brown was shot and killed by the Ferguson Police Officer. It was a tragic event and many in the community felt that it was wrong that Mr. Michael Brown was shot by the white Police Officer because Mr. Brown was unarmed. A grand jury convened to determine if Mr. Brown’s shooting was justified. The grand jury found that the shooting was justified and tempers in the community have flared.

Officer Darren Wilson signs are  everywhere.  The Officer Darren Wilson signs are supportive or derogatory. It is a real mess and the whole issue is going to be played out in public view.  Many are suggesting that violence will occur as a result of the shooting death of Michael Brown and no charges being brought against the Officer.

The Officer Darren Wilson signs are mainly hand made using cardboard and poster board with paint or thick markers.


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