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Ferguson Michael Brown Signs.

Ferguson Michael Brown Signs are popping up all over the internet because of the shooting death of Michael Brown by the Police Officer Darren Wilson.  I do not have enough information to adequately render a opinion, I am merely blogging about the signs.

Ferguson Michael Brown signs are everywhere. Here are some of the words on the signs I have seen:

1. Hands Up, Don’t Shoot

2. Justice 4 Michael Brown

3. Convict Darren Wilson

4. I love Michael Brown

5. I am Michael Brown

6. I love Ferguson

7. I Want Justice

8. Two Shots To The Head Is A No Brainer

9. No Justice, No Peace

10.  Stop Killing Us

11. Don’t Shoot Me !

12. Don’t Shoot Us.

13. Hands Up

14. No Killer Cops

These are just some of the examples of Ferguson Michael Brown Signs that are being seen on the internet and news. Last night, a verdict was read that many people did not agree with. Apparently, Officer Darren Wilson was not charged with the killing of Michael Brown and that angered many people. As a result, there was rioting and looting as a result of what many people thought was a unjust verdict not to indict.

As I wrote in the beginning of the blog, I cannot render an opinion because I do not have all the facts. I will simply say that any loss of life is tragic.

Ferguson Michael Brown Signs are mainly home made signs that are being made with cardboard or poster board being bought from stores and then being hand written. I appreciate the resourcefulness of the individuals making these signs because they are expressing their creativity through this tragic event.

It is very easy to make  Ferguson Michael Brown signs. Just get anything you can write on and write down your message and put it out in front of the public.  Try to get it in front of a television camera. Be Creative !



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