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Paradise Las Vegas Full Color Banners To Get Noticed.

Paradise Las Vegas full color banners can get your business or event noticed by placing large vinyl banners with any colors you want.  The idea of having multiple colors on a vinyl banner quickly draws attention to your banner, thus drawing attention the message or advertisement on the vinyl banner.

Paradise Las Vegas full color banners were very expensive and tedious work just a few short years ago.  This is because banner makers used to have to plot all the different vinyl colors for your banner and then individually apply the plotted vinyl to your banner.  This was very time consuming and also required many different color vinyls that were expensive.  The plotted vinyl was plotted out on machines called ” plotters”.

In todays world, sign shops have state of the art large format printers that print directly on the banner material with high tech inks that last a very long time.  These inks are especially important in Las Vegas where the sun heats up during the long summer months.  Without these state of the art inks, the ink would quickly fade.  Nowadays, getting 2 or more years from these inks is quite common in harsh climates.

These large format printers mix directly the inks to produce an array of colors in bright and vivid detail.  The large format printers use the cmyk format ( cyan, magenta, yellow and black ) to mix colors.  These large format printers are quite expensive but can print at amazing speeds.  Speeds of over 100  square feet per hour are quite common at good quality. A common 3ft x 8ft Paradise Las Vegas full color banner can be printed with great quality in around 15 minutes.

Paradise Las Vegas full color banners will get your event or business noticed because of the beauty of the banners.  It is a sure fire way to draw attention to your vinyl banner.

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