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Las Vegas Construction Banners For Job Sites.

Many construction companies in Las Vegas are using construction banners at job sites to let everybody know that there company is working on the job site with great success.  This lets other people that are interested in doing construction what companies are out there and the type of work that they are doing. The construction banners  usually have the companies name and contact information on the banner.

The construction banners  are cheap advertisement for the construction companies.  The banners are usually printed on 13 ounce vinyl banner material with the use of large format printers using eco solvent or latex inks that are environmentally friendly.  The vinyl construction banners come in a variety of sizes and shapes to match the job site.  I have seen construction banners 16ft wide by a few hundred feet long steaming down the side of a high rise building advertising the name of the construction company putting up the building.

The most common size of a construction banner is a 4ft x 8ft banner that is put up on the chain link fence surrounding a job site.  Sometimes these banners are printed on a mesh material for wind resistance since the mesh banners have small holes in them that allow the wind to pass thru the banner.  The mesh construction banners are not as usually as colorful and bright as the vinyl banners because of the very small holes will not allow much detail, but basic information is able to be seen quite well. The construction banners are then easily  hung on the fence with zip ties that allow the banner to be put up and taken down with relatively ease and be reused.

Construction banners are very cheap and are a great form of advertisement to get the name of the construction company out in the public’s eye.


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Restaurant Banners Are Great Advertising For Restaurant Specials.

Restaurants are now using restaurant banners to display the food specials with great success.  Eateries have concluded that using cheap restaurant banners pays off in Las Vegas by bring attention to the food specials that they are offering.

We have all seen the Valentines Day restaurant banners that restaurants hang on the outside of their buildings near Valentines Day offering a ” special dinner ” for two. The restaurant industry has learned that that type of advertisement works not only for special occasions, but also for everyday specials.  In Las Vegas, I witness more and more restaurants displaying restaurant banners for Happy Hours, Early Bird Specials, 2 for 1 Dining, etc.  The reason is because this form of advertisement works to draw the attention of customers to their establishment.

The best part of restaurant banners is that they are very cheap and easy to install.  The banners can be hung in a relatively short period of time, taken down and then packed away and reused at another time.  This way, restaurants are able to rotate their specials and always have a fresh appearance to the store.  How many times have we seen the same old banner for months hanging on a wall and thinking ” what kind of special is that ?”

The restaurant  banners size varies, but the 3ft x 8ft banner seems by far the most popular.  It appears that is just the right size to get the attention of passing motorists and pedestrians.  The banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material and usually have grommets every two feet on the top and bottom for easy hanging.  Simple twine, screws or zip ties re all that’s needed to hang the banner for display.

Restaurant banners work.  This is almost self evident by the number of restaurants that have taken to using them.  The restaurants that don’t use this type of advertising are going the ” way of the dinosaur ”



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Cheap Vegas Flyers To Get Business Exposure.

The cheap Vegas flyers are working out very well for these companies employing this guerrilla marketing strategy.Las Vegas stores and businesses have been turning to Vegas cheap flyers in order to get the word out about their products and services.

Businesses are using cheap printing of flyers to market themselves. These cheap Vegas flyers then contain the stores specials and also promote what products they have to  sale. The store are printing them on 1/4 or 4.25 x 5.5 flyers, 8.5 x 5.5 flyers and even full page 8.5 x 11 flyers.  These cheap Vegas flyers come in full color and are able to print on both sides of the flyer and then have a gloss finished added to the flyer to make it shiny and attractive.

In addition to just passing these cheap Vegas flyers out to their customers at their locations, stores are hiring companies to distribute these cheap Vegas flyers to the surrounding neighborhoods.  By using this strategy, the companies are saving the traditional cost of newspaper advertising , which has become very expensive, and spending relatively paltry sums of money and direct marketing to their customers.  With the average cost of 5000 1/2 page flyers to be less than $170 in Las Vegas, it is very easy to put a flyer on every door within a 1/2 mile or so of stores.  A couple of store employees can do this in an afternoon.

Pizza places are really taking advantage of these cheap Vegas flyers.  At least 3 times a week I have pizza flyers from the surrounding areas leaving a flyer on my screen door.  Sometimes these cheap Vegas flyers are from pizza places more than 2 miles away. Can all these pizza places being doing something wrong ?

Cheap Vegas flyers is a brilliant low cost approach to marketing for the small business. The cost is minimal and the upside is tremendous.



Printing of Cheap Flyers

Las Vegas Flyers Are Cheap Advertisement.

Las Vegas flyers are a cheap and effective way to advertise a product, service or event.  You can literally buy thousands of 100lb paper flyers for a very cheap price.  Las Vegas Flyers are also very easy to pass out as they are just like a normal piece of paper.

Las Vegas flyers can be made in full color on both sides of the 100lb paper with a AQ coating to give it a glossy finish.  Las Vegas Flyers can be made into 1/4 page, 1/2 page and full page flyers using all the colors imaginable to make your flyer very professional.

Las Vegas  flyers can be used in many different ways.

1. As professional flyers for an event or party that can be distributed by flyer distributors in order to attract people to an event such as a pool party, club party, DJ party, etc

2. Las Vegas flyers can be used as a great form of advertisement by hiring people to distribute the flyers to fellow businesses in order to attract business.  For example, if you are a sign company, you could distribute a Las Vegas flyers advertising vinyl banners, posters, business signs, business cards, and other products.  Since a 1/2 page full color flyer only cost a few cents each, the cost of materials is minimal. In addition to passing out Las Vegas flyers out to businesses, they make for a excellent opportunity to be distributed to residences to promote specials such as pizza and other convenience foods.

3.Las Vegas flyers can be used at academic events or shows to help people get information about the event.  The Las Vegas flyers would thus be an informative piece of paper  to help people better understand an event.

Las Vegas flyers could also be distributed at your place of business with the intent of notifying customers about other goods and services that are on sale.

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Wall Posters Can Spruce Up Your Room Decor.

Posters are a easy and effective way of sprucing up your décor in your room.  Customizing posters is very easy in today’s modern  age and very cheap. Many people place posters on their walls or even frame them as pictures.

Posters can be made out of your personal pictures.  All that is needed is good quality digital pictures.  A 5mp camera can take a wonderful picture and also that image can be translated into a quality poster.  The thing to remember is that the more mega pixel the image, the higher definition of that photo.  So a 10 megapixel image is going to produce a more quality image than a 5 megapixel.

To get you favorite personal, vacation, work or recreation photos turned into a poster, simply google the search term or go see a local photography shop or a sign printer.  Sign printers use large format printers that are state of the art and can turn your image into a high quality wall poster.  These large format printers can print  1440 dpi for great quality.  They use eco solvent inks or latex inks to bring out the shine and luster of your photographs.  Because they are large format printers, they can also custom make a wall poster into any size you want.  While photography studios may be limited to the size of their equipment, say a 16 x 20, 24 x 30 or something smaller, large format printers can print very large posters.  A 4ft wide by 8ft long poster is no problem for these huge large format printers.

A custom poster can be made for as little as $10 online or at a local sign/printer shop.  All they need is a good quality image to turn your special photos into large posters that  you can decorate your walls with. Poster frames can be purchased online or at your local Walmart.



Yard Signs

Business Yard Signs Attract New Customers

Business yard signs are a effective way to get new customers and retain existing customers.  Business yard signs are usually 18 x 24 inch, very cheap and can easily be installed and removed.

Business yard signs can be made out of corrugated coroplast or metal.  Many businesses prefer the business yard signs to be made out coroplast because of the ease and low cost.  Also, if one of the workers forget them at a job site, it is not a major loss.  On the opposite side, many businesses prefer a business yard sign to be made with metal or aluminum because they can take a beating, especially if they are to be used in the construction trade.  Workers are constantly throwing them in a work van or truck and they get damaged and scratched quite easily. However, with the aluminum or metal yard sign, they can be re-used versus a damaged or torn coroplast yard sign.

Many realtors use the 18 x 24 metal or aluminum yard sign as a  real estate sign. However, because of the numbers of listings in the foreclosure short sale market, realtors are using cheap 18 x 24 coroplast yard signs.  They use them once and then throw them away or leave them at the sold residence.

Businesses use yard signs when they go out to a job site to let everyone know that they are on the jobsite.  This is actually an effective marketing technique because many people in the same area have some of the same problems.  This way, the let all the people in the neighborhood who are potential customers know that they fix a common problem.  Many businesses are getting a lot of referral business with these business yard signs.  A full color single sided yard sign of 18 x 24 inch size can be purchased for less than $6.00 in bulk. Business yard signs work and your business should look into this cheap and effective marketing technique.


Vegas Political Signs

Las Vegas Campaign Signs.

Its election time in Las Vegas and all the political candidates have there Las Vegas campaign signs placed around town. It seems that Las Vegas campaign signs is a cheap and easy way for candidates to get their name and message across to the public.

Las Vegas campaign signs is a very easy way to get information out in front of the public.  While there are television, radio and newspaper ads, they tend to be very expensive and most candidates cannot afford them. Only the best funded candidates can afford to spend thousands of dollars on television ads and the cost of producing these ads.  The average candidate doesn’t have that kind of money to spend.

Newspaper ads seem out of the question also. It is very expensive to take a 1/2 page ad out in the daily newspaper. The candidates have to compete against giant advertisers like WalMart, Target, Big 5 Sporting Goods on so on.  What chance does a candidate running for a small time political office have to compete against that type of competition.  The best they can do is a small ad similar to that of one in the classified section.

Las Vegas campaign signs seems to be the way most candidates go in Las  Vegas.  There are several types of LAs Vegas campaign signs such as political banners, yard signs, vehicle graphics, etc. Of all the campaign signs, political candidates choose the yard sign as the most popular to get support.  Not only does the candidate get their 18 x 24 yard sign out in the public view, it also tells people that that candidate has support of their neighbors.  It means that Mr. and Mrs. Smith down the street support a candidate and if they are good enough to be supported by Mr. and Mrs. Smith, why cant you support them as well. Las Vegas campaign signs work.


Yard Signs

18 x 24 Yard Signs In Las Vegas

18 x 24 yard signs are the most popular yard sign in Las Vegas.  The reason is that they re big enough for everybody to see and easy to install.  In fact, the 18 x 24 yard sign is the same size sign that the realtors use when they hang a sign on your front yard when they are trying to sell your property.

The 18 x 24 yard signs are made with a corrugated plastic ( also known as coroplast signs ).  The signs can be screen printed, have a vinyl application, or be printed on directly with the help of large format printers.

The screen printing process is popular with political candidates running for office during election season. It is a cost effective way to make the 18 x 24 yard signs and they generally charge by how many colors you use.

The vinyl application process of  18 x 24 yard signs can be equally cost effective if you are just applying 1 or 2 vinyl colors onto the coroplast yard sign. The vinyl application can be plotted and simply transferred to the 18 x 24 yard signs.

18 x 24 yard signs can also be printed on directly or printed on vinyl and then have the vinyl applied to the 18 x 24 yard signs. The vinyl application is easier for sign shops because they do not have to raise their print heads to adjust for the 4mm corpolast substrate they are printing on. By printing on a vinyl substrate and then applying it to the 18 x 24 yard signs, it is a longer process but more preferable for sign shops for technical reasons.  The large format printers that are used with 18 x 24 yard signs use eco solvent and latex inks that are environmentally friendly.

The 18 x 24 yard signs are very easy to install and remove. They can be used over and over as long as they are stored with minimal care.


Las Vegas Summerlin Vinyl Banners

3ft x 8ft Banners In Las Vegas Get You Noticed.

There are many banner sizes available to advertise with, but no vinyl banner is more popular than the 3ft x 8ft banners.  The 3ft x 8ft banners are very cheap and easy to hang but yet can be seen from long distances to let your customers or potential customers know who you are.  The 3ft x 8ft banners are very effective advertising.

The 3ft x 8ft banners are very popular in Las Vegas. The vinyl banners can be purchased for less than $40 from various sign shops in Las Vegas. You could simply have a sign shop design your banner for you or you could design it yourself with help from design programs like Photo Shop or Adobe Illustrated.

The 3ft x 8ft banners are printed on a 13 ounce  vinyl banner material  with large format printers using eco solvent of latex inks. These inks are very long lasting and designed for outdoor or indoor use. The vinyl banners come grommeted every 24 inches  for easy hanging .  You an use twine, rope, screws,  or zip ties to attach the banner to whatever  structure.  Many guerilla marketing professionals  use 3ft x 8ft banners for advertising on fences.  This way the passing motorists can’t help but see the large banner advertising.

Many businesses in Las Vegas  attach vinyl banners to the side of there buildings to promote a product or service.  The large size of the banner makes it easily visible to passing motorists and pedestrians. Some businesses are using 3ft x 8ft banners for temporary signage while they are trying to get a permanent sign attached to their building. In several cases, stores prefer to use the 3ft x 8ft banners for their signage and just rotate them every so often to give the store a fresh look.

The 3ft x 8ft banners are very popular because of the price and the ability to supply advertisement with such large signage.

Yard Signs

Coroplast Yard Signs Are Cheap and Effective Advertisement.

Coroplast yard signs are a very cheap and simple form of advertising. Coroplast yard signs are very popular because they are so inexpensive and simple to install and remove.  They can also be reused over and over again to deliver your message.

Coroplast yard signs are made with coroplast plastic.  they are usually 4mm in thickness but can be made in other thickness to achieve your advertising goal.  For example, 4mm coroplast is way too light to use as a spinner sign because the wind will easily bend the 4 mm coroplast.  Instead, people use a 10mm coroplast for a spinner sign. The thicker 10mm coroplast plastic sign is much sturdier and will last a very long time, but yet is lightweight enough to spin around without wearing out the spinner.

Typical coroplast yard signs are made out of 4mm coroplast. Many politicians use them near election time because they are so cheap and simple to install on a lawn or fence post.  When installing on a lawn, people use a “H” frame wire stake ( that cost less than a dollar ) and place the “H” stake through the coroplast tubes and then into the ground. Removal and installation takes less than a minute.

Many businesses use  coroplast yard signs when they are temporarily working on a residence. The reason for this is because they can advertise to the neighbors who and what they are in hopes of also getting there business.  I know of one plumbing company that did a re-pipe job at a house ( the pipe was wearing out after 15 years ) and many of the neighbors had the same problem.  With the coroplast yard sign, the neighbors figured out what plumbing company they were and several of the neighbors all hired the plumbing company to re-pipe there residence as well.

Coroplast yard signs work and are very inexpensive and should be considered a great opportunity for short tem signage.