2 Sided Flyers

Passing out Cheap Business Cards Works To Get Business.

I have been testing a theory lately about passing out cheap business cards.  When I say cheap business cards, I do not mean poor quality, rather, I mean they are inexpensive business cards.  I was just able to purchase 1000 business cards for $25 in Las Vegas. Now, everywhere I go, If the opportunity arises, I pass out these cheap business cards to get business.  And I get results.

The whole purpose of me distributing my business card is to get noticed by potential customers.  I tell them that if they are interested, here is my business card and just give me a call and I will make them a great deal. Since they are cheap business cards and cost just a few cents each, I pass them out as much as possible and I am getting much more business.

I also put my cards out in small businesses that allow you to put them on the counter.  Many small café type restaurants have a shelf or board where you can put up your cheap business cards.  It sort of acts as a  ” who visits my store ” testimonial by having business people place cards on the counter or board.

I choose the 14pt card stock with the UV coating on them for my cheap business cards.  As I wrote earlier, they cost around $25.00 and they are well worth the cost of having them printed. I have received much business from passing out my cheap business cards and now I am thinking about making 1/2 flyers listing some of the products and services that I do.  This way, the people can compare my prices to others if they are looking for that product. I checked around and I an get cheap business flyers , both sides in full color, 100lb stock, in a quantity of 5000 for around $160.00.

Cheap business cards and cheap flyers will be one way I will drive my business to success.


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