Las Vegas Summerlin Vinyl Banners

Low Cost Banners Can Enhance Your Business

Businesses are all looking for an advantage over the next business. In these tough economic times, we all need to sharpen and hone our marketing to attract new customers and keep the ones we have. Low cost banners are an opportunity to spread our business information and products out in a large way.

Low cost banners can be strategically placed on the businesses building or area controlled by the business.  Fences, trees, large vehicles are opportunities to place a low cost vinyl banner.  These low cost banners can be visible from a great distance.   They make for small billboard. Motorists and pedestrians would be able to see these banners from far away and know what specials or products you have on sale.

Low cost banners are printed on 10 ounce to 20 ounce banner material with the use of large format printers. The large format printers print directly on the banner material using eco solvent and latex inks in the c-m-y-k format.  The time to print a 3 foot by 8 foot banner is approximately 15 minutes with the use of these large printers.  It was not to long ago that sign shops were making banners with vinyl lettering cut from a plotter. This vinyl lettering method was very time consuming and the price was reflective of the manpower.  With large format printing, the machine does all the work for less price.

Vinyl banners are not expensive and can easily be made with simple Adobe Illustrated software, photoshop, etc. Many of us have this type of software on our computers at work or at home. The cost for a 3×8 foot banner, or 24 sq ft is less than $40.00 in Las Vegas.  Larger banners can be made for about $2.00 a square foot.

These low cost banners make opportunities for businesses to get there name and products out to the public  in a way in which they can easily be seen.   It is hard to miss a large banner on the side of a building.

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