Sidewalk Signs

Cheap Outdoor Advertising In Las Vegas

Cheap outdoor advertising in Las Vegas is a very effective way to market your company if you do not have a large advertising budget. If you are trying to market your company like a fortune 500 company, you will learn that those big companies have very deep pockets.  The trick is then to get your company name and products or services out to the public as cheap as possible.

if you were to talk to the local population, everybody knows and likes to help the small business. Convenience and price are a couple of aspects of marketing, but getting your name out there is another.  How many of us go to a local café rather than a large franchise café because of the better quality food at a lower price.

Cheap outdoor advertising is a way to get your products and services known to the local consumers. A simple banner on the side of the building will allow foot traffic and motorists to spot your business. This vinyl banner is a great way to let people ( potential customers ) know who you are. A 3 foot x 8 foot banner costs less than $40.00.   A larger 4ft wide by 10 foot long banner can be yours with your custom design for about $80.00.  Large format printing and modern software design programs make the design and  printing of your banner almost effortlessly.

A few sidewalk signs or “A” frames are cheap outdoor advertising means of advertising.  The sidewalk signs can be continuously changed out to give fresh advertising to your customers. Sidewalk signs are very effective and cheap outdoor advertising that is intended to target the local market.  The cost of a sidewalk sign in about a 2foot by 3 foot size is less than you might think.  A quick survey shows the price under $130 in the Las Vegas area.


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