Business Signs

Every business is in need of advertising who and what they are.  Business signs is one of the fundamentals that is necessary in having a successful business.  After all, you need to be able to let people know who you are and what you do.

Business signs can take form in many different ways.  In Las Vegas, casinos will spend a few million dollars on a huge neon or led sign for the front of their casino.  The Mirage, Wynn, Caesar’s Palace Casinos are just easy examples to choose from.  Their signs are very expensive and try to to relate to their customers a branding of their business by showing how flashy their casinos are by the use of their signs.

The average business in Las Vegas does not go to that level of extravagance in making a sign for there business. Business signs come in all shapes and sizes.  The majority of Las Vegas businesses usually have a pylon sign in front of there location.  A pylon sign is a big box sign on top of a pole that lists businesses at that location.  The size or area of the sign designated for the businesses usually takes form on some allocated basis.  For example, the larger the square footage of the store, the larger there allocated space on the pylon sign to advertise their business.  Most of the time. these pylon signs are made of lexan plastic and then vinyl letters or logos are applied to the lexan plastic.  Another popular way and cost effective way for a pylon sign is to stretch vinyl canvas across ( sort of like a huge banner ) and then simply letter the vinyl  canvas as you would lexan plastic.

Business signs are an intrical part of the marketing package for a business.  It is important to have the necessary signage to get  your business noticed.

See Thru Window Graphics

WIndow vision, or see thru window graphics,   are a great way to advertise on your business windows or vehicles.  They are cheap and easy to install. A professional installer can be hired or you can do it yourself. See thru window graphics  make for effective advertisement.

Custom see thru window graphics are the first thing that comes to mind when we think to give a unique and personalized look to a vehicle. See thru window graphics have become very popular when it comes to beautification or advertising  of an automobile. Window stickers come to you as a great option to customize vehicle’s overall look in an economical manner. They are considered as one of the best way to change the overall look of boring and simple window of vehicle and make them look better than it is.

Businesses have also taken advantage of the popularity of see thru window graphics by using them to advertise their products and services to their customers.  It is very inexpensive to obtain see thru window decals and install them on your own business windows.  Since , generally no permit is required by the city or county, it equates to a way of getting a great deal of more signage space without the high cost.

See thru window graphics are printed on a self adhesive permeated substrate that allows for the people on the inside of the store to see out with obtrusion, but more importantly, allows for the customers to see the advertising on the windows.  This allows for basically ” free advertising “.  The other advantage is that it acts as a way to block out the sun during the hot summer  days, which thus allows for a lower electric bill since less cooling is requires.  See thru window graphics sort of acts like a window tint.The same is also true on a vehicle and it acts as a privacy tint.


Trade Show Banners

Las Vegas trade show or conventions  are a wise advertisement technique where  business owners seek direct conversance with the customers. Trade show  exhibitions focuses on the demonstration of their latest goods and services and showcasing there goods and services with an aim to impress the customers.  The major goal is certainly staying in the limelight and each company has adopted this as a major strategy in getting popularity of their brand names and products. Trade show banners is one way to help a business achieve this goal.

Direct communication through trade shows and conventions is a great way to meet people in the industry and their customer base. Here, trade show banners play a significant role in assisting a company in displaying their goods and services and about information about the  company. You might have seen those large banners everywhere in and out of the trade show venue. These banners are of huge benefits for any company that is engaged in wide range advertisement of their product. Trade show banners are very inexpensive and are easy to display.

The trade show banners can display simple information  such as company products, the history of the company, logos,  or just act as a backdrop for some good old fashion talking.  The trade show banners can show a picture of a mountain scene, beach scene or something else that will allow a visitor to be at ease when spoken to about the companies goods or services.

Trade shows or conventions are year round in Las Vegas. We have a thriving convention business that allows for hundreds of thousands of people to visit Las Vegas year round. Las Vegas is the trade show capital of the world.

Since trade show banners area intricate part of the convention business, it seems that they deserve  to be  acknowledged as part of the success.

Sports Banners Show Team Loyalty

Banners that advertise a team or  sports event are growing in popularity.  Sports Banners can be purchased directly from official organizations such as the National Basketball Association, Nfl, Baseball Leagues, etc.  Sometimes, people create their own banner with the names of their favorite sports teams on the.

Little League baseball orgnizations also make a great many sports banners for their respective teams.  These sports banners name the team, organization the team plays in, the year and other pertinent information they can display while playing games.  At a recent Little League sporting event, the teams playing  were displaying  their sports banners in front of the dugouts.

Sports banners are also in “man caves ” in order to decorate their man cave.  Not only do they show their favorite professional teams, men also put their high school school sports banners as a way of  remembering their past history.  The men get to reflect on the teams they once played for and tell stories of their accomplishments. They can custom make a banner with special logos or colors, or just buy a already made one.

Sports banners can some in a variety of sizes and shapes.  There is no common size and this allows for the end user to pick and choose what size he or she needs. The banner can be made at a sign shop to your custom specifications at an affordable rate. The banners can come hemmed or with pockets.

Banners can also be purchased from numerous websites that advertise on the internet.  Just google or internet search the term ” sports banners” and the results will lead you to a variety of sites where you can purchase your banner.

In Las Vegas, some casinos have sports memorabilia shops that will sell you many sports related items, including sports banners. These sports banners come pre made and ready for purchase.



Door Graphics For Las Vegas Businesses

Door graphics are a simple an effective way of communicating your businesses name, hours of operation and other pertinent information to the public and your customer base. Door graphics are a cheap and easy way to advertise your business.

Not so long ago, businesses use to write down there door hours on a sheet of paper with a marker pen and tape the paper to the window or door to convey such simple information as hours of operation.  Today, with the same ease, you can put vinyl lettering on the door and display a great amount of important information.  Information such as store hours, name of business, website information, email address, are all easy information that can be placed in a small area of the door. Door graphics are easy to install also.

You can buy pre made door graphics at several locations like Lowes, Hiome Depot, Walmart, craft shops and of course sign shops.  If the door graphics are complex, a sign shop is the perfect place to go.  Sometimes, the already made graphi letters you buy in the kit are insufficient.  A sign shop will not charge much money for the making of the vinyl letters because it is not an expensive procedure.

The installation of door graphics is also an easy process.  The main idea is to be able to line up your graphics both vertically and horizontally so that they are straight when you apply them to your door or window.  Once you know the door graphics are straight, its just a matter of applying the graphics with some soap and water and squeezing out the excess  moisture so that the vinyl adheres properly.  The soap and water allow you to move your vinyl graphics slippery so that you can adjust them in case you place them on wrong.

To  purchase your custom door graphics should cost less than $30.00 and a little less if you buy them in a  pre made kit. It is well worth the investment.


Storefront Window Graphics

Storefront window graphics are a great way to advertise your business very cheaply and effectively.  Just some simple vinyl letters can advertise your business specials and products to attract new customers and inform current customers.

Every store has large windows or door glass that allows people to look in and out of.  These windows and glass doors can be taken advantage of by placing advertising on the glass.  This advertisement can be in the form of window vision, a printable see through permeated graphic, or very inexpensive vinyl lettering on the windows.

Furniture stores in the Las Vegas area are constantly advertising their stores specials on their windows.  These storefront window graphics point out the bedroom sets on sale, the couch and loveseat on special, or dining room tables on sale.  The stores merely use different color vinyl’s  to spell out the stores goods that are on sale.

Storefront window graphics can also include a business website, telephone number, store hours or some other store information that allows a business to convey their information to the public.

The storefront window graphics can be purchased from several sources which include places like Wal Mart, sign shops, craft stores and through the internet. They are very cheap to purchase.

The installing of store window graphics  is a very easy process.  The key is making sure the graphics are straight and aligned properly.  This is done by measuring the glass and installing the vinyl text in the center of the window.  Be sure to measure for both vertical and horizontal accuracy.

The second key to success of installing storefront window graphics is to apply the graphics to a clean glass surface to make sure of proper adherence. The use of soap and water will allow for a slippery surface for th graphics in case you need to adjust the graphics if they are accidently placed on crooked.  I use kitchen soap and water for this purpose.


Store Signs

Advertise With Window Graphics

Window graphics are a great way to advertise a business or display something on your windows.  Nearly everything we use or own has windows that will allow for vinyl graphics or window vision to be used.

All vehicles have windows to see out of. Window graphics will allow for you to decorate those windows.  Those windows graphics can be just for art or for business purposes.

We have all seen trucks with NFL teams logos on the back windows.  The Los Angeles Raiders have hardcore fans that display the Raiders logo in their traditional black and white logo.  On other trucks, we have seen ” This truck insured by Smith & Wesson “.  These are all vinyl letters that make up the category of window graphics.  Taxi drivers put their car numbers, telephone numbers and license numbers on windows according to local laws.

Businesses use window graphics to advertise their products or services to the public.  The window glass make for a great background to display vinyl lettering to grab the attention of potential customers.  Supermarkets use their store windows to advertise produce specials, meat specials, bakery prices or whatever product they are promoting.  Since city ordinances rarely incorporate laws regarding what is allowed on a window, most businesses take advantage of free advertising space.

Window graphics can also incorporate window vision.  Window vision is a see thru perforated material that allows for print on the outside of the material, while it is displayed on glass.  Businesses use it as a form of tint from the suns warm rays.  It is also used as security purposes because window vision allows you to see outside while the person on the outside only sees your print.

Window graphics are a very affordable means of advertising and should be used by businesses to maximize their marketing.  It is a cheap an effective form of advertisement.

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Outdoor Banners

Outdoor banners area a  great way of advertising an event, goods, or services to the general public.  They are easy to put up and very easy to take down.

Outdoor banners are usually  printed on a vinyl material.  The vinyl material is rated by the heaviness of the material, or in ounces.  The standard of the industry for banner material is the 13oz banner material.  The material weight rises from there into the 20 ounce range.  Lower than 10 ounce banner weight is really designed for indoor use and it is not able to withstand the forces of mother nature.

Outdoor banners can be made in a variety of ways.  They can have wind slits cut into them to allow for the passage of wind, grommets punched into them for easy hanging, or have pockets sewed into them so that you can put a pole in the pockets to help display the outdoor banners.  Outdoor banners can also be hemmed to reinforce the outer edges so that they withstand greater force of nature.  The usual method for hemming the banners is with double sided tape or being sewn.

Outdoor banners can deliver a variety of messages such as advertising a company picnic, a sporting event, a rock concert, etc. etc.  The whole idea of the outdoor banner is to have people be able too see it and advertise whatever  message you are trying to convey.

Common outdoor banners include the sizes of 3 foot by 8foot, 3foot by 5 foot and larger sizes such as 5feet by 10 feet.  In LAs Vegas, where I live, casinos have banners running down the sides of the casinos to advertise their shows and specials.  These banners run several hundred feet in length. The banners can be joined together to make it look very wide as well as long.

Outdoor banners are a great way to advertise your event or service. They are easy to make and are a cheap form of delivering a message.



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Car Magnets Are Cheap Advertising

Car magnets are a very simple and cheap form of advertising in Las Vegas.  Everyday on the way to work and on my way home, I see vehicles driving down the street with magnets on their doors displaying where that person works or what goods and services they sell.

The car magnets display a very simple message to hundres of cars a day to the motorists that are driving next to them.  The car magnets are very easy to put on and remove from a car.  They can easily be transferable to other vehicles.

Car magnets are very inexpensive and can be easily made to your business specifications.  The standard car magnet size is 12 inches in height by 18 inches in length.  Many more car magnet sizes are available to match up to the vehicle you are driving.  One of the key elements of having car magnets is not to get them too big.  People naturally want to advertise in the largest format they can, but when your car magnet has to go over a body molding or a body line, sometimes a air pocket is made.  This air pocket allows for wind to get between the car body and the car magnet and cause the wind to make the car magnet fly off the vehicle, especially at high speeds. The higher the speed the more velocity the wind has to make the magnet not adhere properly.

The price of car magnets is relatively cheap.  A pair of 12 inch by 18 inches cost around $30.00.  The design fee is included in this price and the magnets are in full color.  That means you can have as many colors as you want on you car magnets.

It is important to remember to keep your message simple on a car magnet since there generally is a small window of opportunity to have a fellow motorist read your sign while they are driving or waiting at a intersection.

Las Vegas Discount Banners

Vinyl Banners In Las Vegas For Advertising

Vinyl banners are a cost effective form of advertising in Las Vegas.  Vinyl banners are cheap and versatile form of advertisement for Las Vegas businesses. The vinyl banners can be easily hung and taken down, which makes them very versatile.

The cost of a  3ft x 8ft vinyl banner is  below $50.00.  The banners are usually printed on 13 ounce banner material which allows for a long life.  When printing a banner, please let the sign company know that it will be displayed indoors or outdoors so that the sign company can apply the ink that bests suits the environment, as all inks are not the same. Eco solvent inks or latex inks are best suited for longer life in outdoor environments where they are subject to daily exposure to the suns daily rays.

Vinyl banners can also be printed on different types of vinyl material to give them additional strength.  For example, vinyl material can come in 8 ounce all the way to 20 ounce material.  The higher the weight of the vinyl, the tougher the material.  For example, a 8 ounce banner material may be great for a birthday banner that will only be displayed for a few days, but a much heavier banner material, lets say 18 ounce, for a banner that will be hung outdoors for more than a year.

Vinyl banners are easy to hang and easy to take down.  The banners usually come grommeted every 2 feet with a brass grommet, which allows for the end user to use a screw and washer or rope to hang the banner.  The vinyl banner also allows for the business to change their message every so often to make sure their message does no get stale.  Several businesses rotate their banners in order to give their store a fresh appearance that appears to be always changing.

Las Vegas businesses should consider using banners in their marketing scheme in order to get attention to their store, as it is a cheap and effective form of advertising.