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Deluxe 33″ x 81″ Banner Stand in Las Vegas

Deluxe 33″ x 81″ banner stand are available in the Las Vegas area for all sorts of different events. Las Vegas hosts more trade shows and conventions in the world and the easily portable retractable banner stand is one of the easiest props to have for a convention. Many smaller businesses rely upon these retractable banner stands ( also known as vertical banners, pop up banners and stand up banners) for their graphics display at these conventions. However, there are far many more uses for retractable banner stands than just for conventions.

Deluxe 33″ x 81″ retractable banner stands are great for business presentations where you want graphics to back up your presentation. These graphics can be placed as a sole unit or combined together to make like a very larger one piece graphic.  Placing three of these deluxe retractable banner stands together make it look like a 10ft wall almost 7 feet high.

There are many different types of retractable banner stands and they come in a variety of sizes. The most common sized banner stands come in 24″,31″,33″ 36″, 47″ widths. The height of the banner stands is generally about 80″. Another type of vertical banner stand is the X stand banner stand that holds banners that can be easily changed out. These x stands banner stands take up more room than the compact retractable stand.

Deluxe 33″ x 81″ retractable banner stands come with a deluxe base that is much heavier than the double foot base. These deluxe banner stands come with a carrying case and are very easy to set up and disassemble. The average time to set up a deluxe banner stand is less than 2 minutes. They can be carried on airplanes and are easy to travel with.

Banner stands can be purchased in Las Vegas at any of the sign shops at very reasonable prices. See how these affordable banner stands can make your presentation much better.


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