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Store Window Sticker Signs For Advertising.

Store window sticker signs are a low cost approach to advertising your business. Since window glass is not regulated too much for signage, why not take advantage of the free space on your store windows and place advertising ?

Store window sticker signs are cheap advertisement. Window stickers are generally plotted vinyl material that allows letters to be cut out and then stuck to your store’s windows, much like a bumper sticker. For example, most stores have vinyl lettering on their front doors in white vinyl that identifies their company name, business hours and a phone number. This simple lettering is easy to make and usually is in the $25.00 range.  A competent person can apply the stickers themselves ( as it comes in a large one piece sign)  and save money in the application from hiring a sign professional to go out and apply ( usually around $50 – $60.00 ) The color of the door hours is usually white, as it gives off easy reading and is not hard to read in direct or indirect sunlight and shadows.

In addition to door hours on windows, a store can also place vinyl lettering to let people know what products they sell. For example, if you are a fast food restaurant that specializes in Hispanic food, you could list:

1. Tacos

2. Burritos

3. Enchiladas

4. Taquitos

5. etc.

By listing some or all of the food that you sell, you let people walking or driving by what type of food you offer in the hopes of enticing them to eat at your restaurant. This lettering is not only effective on store windows, it is also very cheap and it is something you can install yourself. There are many short videos on You Tube that you can learn the installation process. You can save money and custom design your own store windows at little cost.