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Fast USDOT Number Stickers and Decals in Las Vegas

Fast USDOT number stickers and decals are needed sometimes when you have to comply with the law  and have to get your truck out on the road in a hurry. But have no fear, same day USDOT number stickers and decals are available in the Las Vegas area.

The United States Dept. of Transportation along with state agencies require certain signage to be on vehicles. This vehicle lettering has certain legal requirements and must be adhered to otherwise you could face fines and license revocation. When learning of your USDOT numbers, also inquire if you need other vehicle lettering such as  Motor Carrier numbers or ICC numbers. Usually, the standard of the industry for USDOT numbers is that they be placed in a easy readable font ( Arial bold or Helvetica) and are 2″ tall. In order to make them readable, the numbers can be any color but you want to have a easily readable number by having opposite of the truck color. For example, if you have a black colored truck, you would want white numbers so the numbers stand out against the darker surface. If the truck is white, you could use a dark blue USDOT number sticker or red, green, black or some other contrasting number. The important thing to remember is to make it easy for the inspectors to see your numbers and read them.

While making your USDOT numbers, it might also be wise to put your name and contact information on the truck so that people can see who you are and maybe pick up some additional business. Contact information on your truck is a sure fire way to see if people are also interested in your services.

Fast USDOT numbers are available at sign stores all over the Las Vegas area. Contact one of these stores to get your numbers today.