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Clark County Dust Signs

Dust Control Signs For Las Vegas And Clark County Nevada

Dust control signs for Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada are sometimes mandated by the Air Quality Management Board in Clark County. Failure to comply with their rules and regulations could result in fines and work stoppage. In Clark County, people take raising dust seriously as they believe in contributes to pollution. There are mandatory classes of instruction, signs that are needed and many other requirements.

Dust control signs for Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada are generally two different types, a 4ft x 4ft sign for land less than 10 acres that will be constructed on and a 4ft x 8ft sign for land to be constructed on that is greater than 10 acres. Specific text size and information needs to be on the signs as mandated by the Clark County Air Quality Board. The Clark County dust control signs can be made with different materials such as aluminum or wood. The signs are then placed in a easily visibly spot on the construction site. Some dust signs will have holes punched in the corners and then they are wired to a fence and others require 4″ x 4″ wood posts to hold them up.

Dust control signs for Las Vegas and Clark County Nevada are not expensive. The 4ft x 4ft aluminum sign generally sells for less than one hundred dollars and the 4ft x 8ft dust sign generally sells for about one hundred seventy five dollars. The signs are slightly higher if you like to have them made with a wood MDO substrate instead of aluminum. Both aluminum and wood MDO dust signs will last a long time at the construction site. The most common danger they have is when a large piece of construction equipment runs them over by mistake. Contact your local sign company if you should be required to have one on your construction site.




Bright Orange No Trespassing Signs

Construction SWPPP Signs and Dust Signs in Vegas

Construction SWPPP signs and dust signs are just a few samples of construction signs needed in Las Vegas. Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan , dust permit signs, no trespassing signs, etc. are many times mandated by the different government organizations in Clark County. For example,  Clark County Air Quality  regulates dust in Cark County and they enforce dust procedures. One of their requirement is that dust signs be installed on the premises of construction sites and the signs themselves are regulated by size, text, font size, etc. SWPPP signs are regulated by the Stormwater Quality Management Committee whose job is to regulate water runoff from a construction property. No trespassing signs are not mandated usually, but sometimes they are by Clark County on certain job sites. The no trespassing code is a Nevada Revised Statute NRS. 207.200, but the official Clark County no trespass / n dumping signs also includes Clark County codes 90, 91, & 92.

Construction SWPPP signs and dust signs are generally made with aluminum so that they are sturdy and can withstand the weather elements of the Clark County area. In many cases, these signs will be run over at a construction site or have to withstand wind storms and having an aluminum sign is a good idea to make sure the signs last for the complete construction project. Plastic signs or coroplast signs have a tendency to get blown away in the wind or deteriorate and nobody wants a county inspector at the job site asking where the signs are ?  There is nothing worse than to be fined or having a construction project shut down for non compliance by a govt. agency.

Construction SWPPP signs and dust signs can be made at local sign shops fairly inexpensively and quick. Turnaround time on these construction signs can be same day in cases of emergency, otherwise its a two or three day period.


Clark County Dust Signs

Cheapest Dust Signs in Vegas

Cheapest dust signs in Vegas can get you that mandated dust permit sign at a low cost price. Why pay a lot of money for dust signs when you can get them low priced right here in Las Vegas ? The Air Quality Management Board in Clark County mandates dust signs and dust permits and part of that requirement is having a dust sign that is acceptable to Clark County Air Quality Management. The dust sign has to meet specific language, text ,height and font requirements.

Cheapest dust signs in Vegas usually come in the two different sizes

1. 4ft x 4ft for acreage less than 10 acres

2. 4ft x 8ft for acreage more than 10 acres

Cheapest dust signs are printed on a vinyl application with outdoor ink and then have a protective laminate applied to the vinyl. This helps protect the dust sign from miscellaneous scratches and also protects the ink from fading since the sign will be exposed outdoors for a period of the construction. On larger home development, that can be years and the dust sign is created so that it can be modified when dust signs are extended or updated. The signs are then attached to existing fencing for visibility or are placed in the ground with 4×4 wood posts for support.

Cheapest dust signs are under one hundred dollars for the 4ft x 4ft model and $175 for the 4ft x 8ft dust sign on aluminum. Many builders prefer the aluminum because they are lightweight and can be installed by one person. Otherwise the wood MDO dust permit signs cost $125 for a 4ft x 4ft and $225 for a 4ft x 8ft dust sign. These signs are usually next day but in cases of threats by govt. agencies, these signs can be expedited and made the same day. Contact you local sign store for more information.








Clark County Dust Signs

Las Vegas Construction Dust Signs

Las Vegas construction dust signs are mandated by  Clark County Air Quality Management Board when moving earth to construct a building or structure. Clark County Nevada takes pollution mighty serious and regulates the dust that can be put into the air when doing construction. Failure to comply with the Clark County Air Quality Management Boards rules and regulations and cause fines and your construction project to be shut down. More information can be learned form the Clark County Air Quality website.

Construction dust signs usually come in two different sizes. For less than ten acres, a 4ft x 4ft dust sign is required and for properties over 10 acres, a 4ft x 8ft dust sign is required by the Air Quality Management Board. On these signs, the text has to be a certain size along with certain wording on the sign as well. For example, the name of the project, expiration date of the project, contact information, etc. need to be on the sign. The signs nowadays are generally made out of aluminum versus the older style MDO board ( wood). Construction companies like the lighter weight signs because it only takes one person to install a aluminum sign and in cases of where the sign gets hit or run over by large construction equipment, the aluminum sign can be straightened out versus having to replace a broken wood sign. The cost of a 4ft x 4ft sign is $99.00 and the larger 4ft x 8ft sign is $175.00.  The sign is printed on a vinyl substrate and then laminated for protection against the weather elements. The aluminum is weather proof and can withstand rain and the intense heat of summer. if dust renewals are needed, you can simply put a vinyl patch over the dust sign to give your dust sign more life.




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Las Vegas Construction Signage

Las Vegas construction signage is needed at construction sites all throughout the Las Vegas area at reasonable prices. Sign companies like http://www.Posterhead.com  are examples of sign companies that can make those needed construction signs for safety and liability. The owner, Ed has a strong reputation on the area for making quality signs at affordable prices. He can be found at https://issuu.com/edb51.

Construction signage can be temporary or permanent signage. If only a sign will be used for a week or two, it makes no sense it make it with MDO board or aluminum. Coroplast signage works well in these situations and at a lot lower price. If more of a permanent sign is needed, aluminum or MDO board is the perfect choice for your sign needs,. These signs will last a long time in the outdoor weather and can withstand many months of the hot Las Vegas sun. These signs can be made quickly in just a few days. Some of the more popular aluminum signs are the dust control signs that are required by law, no trespassing signs that will keep people out and reduce your liability  and perhaps the best of all, the name of your company on a nice aluminum sign so that it can be seen by all the people passing by that you are working on the site. These self promotion signs are very important as it gets your name out into the public view. Many contractors get many referrals when their name and company information is seen on a job that you are working on.

Construction signage can be found at the multitude of sign companies in the Las Vegas area. by using Yelp or Google, you can get the information about the sign company of your choosing to make sure you picked the right company.




Clark County Dust Signs

Fast and Cheap Dust Sign Printing in Las Vegas

Fast and cheap dust sign printing in Las Vegas is available in Clark County to get you that required dust permit sign to fulfill the requirements of the Clark County Air Quality Management Board.  More information from Air Quality can be found at http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/compliance/Pages/Compliance_DustPermits.aspx.  Sign shops like www.Posterhead.com can get you that dust permit sign fast and cheap. Normally, there are 2 different types of signs required for your construction project,  a 4ft x 8ft. sign or a 4ft x 8ft dust control sign. Both these signs can be made same day if necessary.

Clark County Air Quality Management Board wants a 4ft x 4ft sign for projects 10acrwes or less and a 4ft x 8ft dust sign for projects larger than 10 acres. Certain text is required on the signs along with minimum height requirements of lettering. Without the required dust control permit sign, actions can be taken against you that includes fines and work stoppage.

Fast and cheap dust sign printing in Las Vegas can get you that dust sign for under $100 for a 4ft x 4ft sign and $175 for a 4ft.  by 8ft. dust permit sign. These signs are made with an aluminum substrate that hold up well in all sorts of weather and are double sided. These aluminum dust control signs last longer than the old wood signs that deteriorate with the hot summer sun and rain. The signs are then hung up at the job site as required by the Air Quality Management Board. ( There placement on job sites also is subject to rules and regulations).

Fast and cheap dust permit sign printing in Las Vegas can be found at sign shops that make construction signs. These dust permit signs can be made same day in cases of emergencies, but normally take a couple of days to make.



Clark County Dust Signs

Clark County Las Vegas Dust Permit Signs.

Clark County Las Vegas dust permit signs are required by the Air Quality Management Board when building in Las Vegas and Clark County. These signs can be found at http://posterhead.com/dust-control-signs/. Information from the Air Quality Management Board can be found at  http://www.clarkcountynv.gov/airquality/compliance/Documents/DustControl/DustForms/Sign.pdf.

For 10 acres or less, a 4ft x 4ft dust control sign is required and for larger than 10 acres, a 4ft x 8ft dust control permit sign is needed to be posted at the construction site close to the street for visibility. This dust permit sign will contain information such as Permittee, name of the construction project, permit number, contact information and expiration date of the construction project.

Clark County Las Vegas Dust permit signs are made two different ways. The easier and modern way is to use a double sided aluminum panel ( with a filler in the middle to make it thick and resistant to damage) or mdo board ( a wood product that is bulky and heavy and subject to deterioration in the weather elements.) Normally, the dust control sign is attached to a outer perimeter fence so it can be seen very easily and abide by the rules set forth by the Air Quality Management Board. Other times, the dust control signs are held up by 4×4 posts in the ground and cross braced because of the heavy winds that Las Vegas Valley has from time to time. The dust permit signs can be made fairly quickly ( same day service can be found) or normally its just a 2 to 3 day turnaround time for the dust permit sign. Many sign companies offer installation of the dust sign if asked.

Clark County Las Vegas dust permit signs are available at many sign companies in the Las Vegas area. With turnaround time of just a few days, you will be building your project in no time at all.