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Las Vegas Banners

Cheap Outdoor Banners For Advertising.

Cheap outdoor banners are an effective means of  business advertising. Cheap outdoor banners are very inexpensive and easy to hang to get your products or services across in a “large” way.

The cost of large cheap outdoor banner is approximately $2.00 a square foot. So, a 5 foot x 10 foot banner made with vinyl banner material would cost about $100.00.  The smaller the banner the smaller the price.  These cheap outdoor banners normally come grommeted every two feet at the top and bottom for easy hanging. The banners are normally printed on a 13 ounce banner material with eco solvent or latex inks to make sure the colors remain very bright and vivid through the life of the banner.

Sometimes stores or businesses will cut wind slots in them so that the wind is able to pass through the banner with ease.  Otherwise, the wind causes pressure on the banner and thus causes pressure where the banner is attached to, namely the grommets.

The cheap vinyl banners are easy to hang with the grommtes by screws, rope, bolts etc and can easily be changed out very quickly.  Many businesses use multiple vinyl banners and rotate the banners on a frequent basis to always give the store a new appearance. In adition to the new appearance, these cheap vinyl banners can easily display sales for new and seasonal products.  For example, a pizza place in Las Vegas rotates 4 banners that hang on the outside of there building that include a large pizza sale, chicken wing sale, lunch specials and a free delivery banner. The pizza place does very well with a banner rotation.  ( The banners are easily rolled up and stored for another use with minimal effort )

Cheap outdoor banners work because they are very inexpensive and allow a store to put a large sign on there building or fence that gets noticed by passing motorists.


Las Vegas Signs

Passing Out Cheap Business Flyers Increase Business.

In Las Vegas, passing out cheap business flyers is a way to increase business and promote your good and services for the future.  If the person who received the cheap business flyer is not interested in your business offer now, that does not mean they will not be interested in the future.  many times, people put aside the cheap business flyers only to remember at some point in the future that you have that product or service for sale.

The passing out of cheap business flyers must work because if you go to the Las Vegas Strip, there are tens of people passing out flyers on the strip in order to advertise the different clubs , shows and food specials the casinos are offering.

At my residence in Las Vegas, I must receive 5 or 6 cheap business flyers a week on my door.  The services and goods they offer range from pizza flyers to automotive repair.  The cheap business flyers must work because I see the same weekly pizza flyers on my door.

The cost of 1/2 page full color double sided business flyers is around $160.00 or less if you have the artwork and design ready to go.  With programs such as Photo Shop , Adobe Illustrated, etc., the design software is basically available to anyone with basic computer skills. If you do not have the design software, there are various design programs on the internet that can be used or perhaps the local library might be a good place to go.  Most libraries have free computer usage for patrons.

Most cheap business flyers are printed with 100lb stock and are AQ coated to bring a luster or shine to the paper. These cheap business flyers are fantastic and affordable way to advertise your goods and services and bring attention to your business or event.



Las Vegas Flyers

Passing Out Business Flyers Increase Business.

In Las Vegas, the Las Vegas Strip is lines with tens of people who pass out business flyers to tourists walking Las Vegas Blvd.  The reason for this is because business flyers are very cheap and they bring attention to the business or store that’s listed on the business flyer.

The passing out of these business flyers is big business in Las Vegas. The passing out of these  business flyers works very well on the Strip and locals have noticed this.  Business owners in LAs Vegas are getting into the action and also are now printing business flyers and distributing flyers at their locations.

Many businesses are creating their own 1/2 page flyers and passing them out to guests as they enter the store or with the receipt after a purchase. The businesses are listing some of the products or services they sell and invite the customer to come back at some future time for shopping.

Las week I was in Harbor Freight Tool store and when I purchased an  item, I was given my receipt and a small flyer listing things on sale. This made me read their flyer and become aware of other products they had on sale.  Pizza places are also famous for passing out flyers at their locations after purchase to let people know about other food specials that they have.  I cannot go a week at my residence in LAs Vegas without at least having 5 flyers posted on my screen door.

The passing out of business flyers work or Las Vegas businesses would not be doing it.  it is a very cost effective and cheap way of getting a big bang for your advertising buck.  Cheap business flyers are usually printed on 100lb stock and have a AQ coating that makes them have a shiny,  glossy appearance.


2 Sided Business Cards

Passing out Cheap Business Cards Works To Get Business.

I have been testing a theory lately about passing out cheap business cards.  When I say cheap business cards, I do not mean poor quality, rather, I mean they are inexpensive business cards.  I was just able to purchase 1000 business cards for $25 in Las Vegas. Now, everywhere I go, If the opportunity arises, I pass out these cheap business cards to get business.  And I get results.

The whole purpose of me distributing my business card is to get noticed by potential customers.  I tell them that if they are interested, here is my business card and just give me a call and I will make them a great deal. Since they are cheap business cards and cost just a few cents each, I pass them out as much as possible and I am getting much more business.

I also put my cards out in small businesses that allow you to put them on the counter.  Many small café type restaurants have a shelf or board where you can put up your cheap business cards.  It sort of acts as a  ” who visits my store ” testimonial by having business people place cards on the counter or board.

I choose the 14pt card stock with the UV coating on them for my cheap business cards.  As I wrote earlier, they cost around $25.00 and they are well worth the cost of having them printed. I have received much business from passing out my cheap business cards and now I am thinking about making 1/2 flyers listing some of the products and services that I do.  This way, the people can compare my prices to others if they are looking for that product. I checked around and I an get cheap business flyers , both sides in full color, 100lb stock, in a quantity of 5000 for around $160.00.

Cheap business cards and cheap flyers will be one way I will drive my business to success.


Reliable Fast Signs Are Available In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the sign capital of the world and if you need reliable fast signs, Las Vegas is the place to get them. Because of the Las Vegas trade shows and conventions, Las Vegas is almost synonymous with reliable fast signs.

Las Vegas hosts more trade shows and conventions then any other place in the world.  With the hundreds of thousands of square feet of convention space, thousands of hotel rooms, world class entertainment and eating establishments, there is no other place in the world more exciting to have your convention or trade show.  Las Vegas hosts hundreds of conventions and trade shows a year and part of that process is to be able to create reliable fast signs to make sure the ” show can go on “.

There are a few hundred sign shops located in Las Vegas with each shop having the ability to produce a quality sign at an affordable price. The Las Vegas sign shops are represented by the biggest sign companies in the world and the biggest sign supply distribution centers to make sure that the trade shows and conventions signage needs are met with reliable fast signs.

To make reliable fast signs, sign shops use modern large format printers capable of printing with eco solvent and latex inks  so that the signs are bright and vivid in their colors. These inks are environmentally friendly compared to inks used just a few years back. The large format printers can print amazing speeds and can still produce  reliable fast signs.  These modern marvels allow the sign shops to keep up with the fast pace signage needs of both the casinos and convention industry.

Las Vegas is a great place to visit and can easily meet your business, trade show and convention  needs with reliable fast signs.




Las Vegas Summerlin Vinyl Banners

Cheap Full Color Banners Are Available in Las Vegas For A Cheap Price.

Las Vegas businesses have the opportunity to buy cheap full color banners thanks to large format printing. Cheap full color banners no longer have to be made with vinyl lettering being attached to the vinyl banner material.  This was a very labor intensive way to make a banner.  That technology was ” old school ”

Cheap full color banners are now available because of large format printers that use state of the art technology and the most advance inks. The new inks that are being used are eco solvent inks and latex inks. These inks are environmentally friendly, unlike the old inks that were used in the printing process.

Large format printers have come very far over the past several years in the technological area. Companies like Mutoh, Mimaki, and Hewlet Packard are making large format printing  easier and cheaper. Cheap full color banners can be had very inexpensively.  A 3 foot x 8 foot banner can be purchased for under $40.00 in Las  Vegas.  This price is not for the cheap material either, these banners are printed on a 13 ounce banner material with long lasting inks that are made for indoors and outdoors. These large format printers can produce fast signs and a inexpensive price. Fast signs and quality are the order of the day with these large format printers.

The print time for these cheap full color banners is remarkable. A 3ft x 8ft banner can be printed in around 15 minutes in full color. Larger 4 foot x 10 foot full color banners can be made in 25 minutes or less. This process includes making every inch of the banner printed on.

Las Vegas is the king of the sign industry because of all the trade shows and conventions we have. Sign shops are well prepared with the latest technology to give everyone satisfaction and a very good price.




Lettering Box Signs Is Easy and Saves You Money.

Many businesses in Las Vegas have box signs above there business doors and lettering box signs is not that difficult. If you should need your box sign lettering changed out, just read further.

Lettering box signs is not hard to do if you have any handyman skills. The box sign is the sign above your doors but below your roof line that is usually rectangle in appearance. Common box sign dimensions are 3ft x 8ft, 3ft x 10ft, 2ft x 5ft, and 2ft x 4ft. There are many other sizes but the principle theory will apply to them all. The box sign has a plastic face and  sheet metal sides and in back of the plastic fascia is light bulbs, usually fluorescent tubes that when turned on, shine through the plastic fascia and make the vinyl lettering on the plastic fascia become readable because the light surrounds the lettering.

The  box sign is electrical and you must have it off before doing any work on it. Also, there is an electrical transformer in the box sign that could cause a shock.  Having said that, there is a end cap on the box sign that is held by small sheet metal screws, usually 1/4 size.  Remove those sheet metal screws and remove the end cap. The plastic fascia just slides out.  Be careful on the longer plastic fascia’s because they will bend when sliding out. A 2 man rule should be appropriate.  ( Do not attempt to do this in high winds or on windy days)

You can cleans up the plastic fascia with some sort of residue remover that can be purchased from Home Depot or Lowes. After cleaning the plastic fascia, simply transfer the new vinyl lettering onto the fascia  ( remember your centering ) and just reverse the take down procedure.

All this sounds simple and if you are not familiar with high electricity voltage or handyman type stuff, please do not attempt this and call a professional. Lettering  box signs is not a difficult task

Las Vegas wall decals

Lingerie Wall Graphics To Spice Up a Relationship

Lingerie Wall Graphics are a  great way to add spice to a boring  or stale relationship.  All relationships have a time when everything becomes mundane, it is a natural occurrence.

Why not make a lingerie wall graphic and spice up your life a little and remind yourself of the good times that brought you together.  While a physical relationship is not a lasting relationship, it is certainly part of a healthy relationship. Why not remind your partner of why you are together.

Lingerie wall graphics can be has for a small pittance.  They can easily be made off of cell phone pictures and digital cameras.  Cell phones have recently had significant advances in cell phone technology that allows you to take pictures that expensive digital cameras would only allow. A average cell phone is now sporting a 8mp built in camera that is plenty for a great quality lingerie wall graphic.

Lingerie wall graphics can be made out of simple posrter paper and framed or made out of phototex material that allows you to apply your lingerie  wall graphic directly to a wall. These lingerie wall graphics are cool because the phototex material allows you to remove the lingerie wall graphic at any time and reapply the graphic to another wall without losing its adhesiveness. Simple things like cleaning your wall before installation and not allowing dust and debris on the wall graphic will make sure that it is enjoyable for along time.

Imagine your wife or girlfriend on  your wall with a life size wall graphic.  No more of these cheesy 5 x 8 portraits or pictures from the photographer.  Enjoy her in life size quality !

It is not very expensive to get a life size lingerie wall graphic. The average cost is in the neighborhood of around $50.00.  If you are looking to spice up your life, think about getting a lingerie wall graphic.

Sign Shops Near The Las Vegas Strip Can Assist You With Your Signage Needs.

Las Vegas is the Convention and trade show capital of the world. Because of that, sign shops near the Las Vegas strip need to be close to be able to accommodate the many signage needs of the people attending the conventions and trade shows.

There are many things to do while visiting Las Vegas.  There are many world class restaurants, shows, gambling and other adventures to participate in. The Hoover Dam is just a short ride away if you wish to see historical landmarks.  The key is to be able to see these things rather than focusing on your signage needs.  That is why sign shops  near the Las Vegas strip are important businesses that can assist you in all your graphic needs.

Sign shops can help you print your graphics, vinyl  banners, coroplast signs, and all your other custom  signage needs.  These sign businesses are ready to handle your print and graphic needs.  They carry the latest sign equipment and printing equipment to make sure you have the proper signs for display at your trade show or convention.

The printers are state of the art and use the latest environmentally friendly inks like latex and eco solvent.  Not only are these inks environmentally friendly, they are able to print vivid and bright colors to attract the attention of your customers . Sign shops near the Las Vegas strip are also able to assist you in creating your graphics and prints through the latest Adobe programs and other design software.

There are many sign shops near the Las Vegas strip that can assist you in your needs. They are easy to find through the internet, Google or Yahoo search engines, or simply ask the casino workers .  Casino workers are very friendly people who want to make sure you have the best experiences while you are visiting Las Vegas.

See Through North LAs Vegas Window Graphics

Truck Lettering

Truck lettering is a popular way to express yourself or promote your business. Many pick up truck owners are truck lettering their vehicles for fun and to increase profit.

Driving down the street the other day in Las Vegas, I saw a pick up truck that was lettered on the side doors and the back window.  The gentlemen was a local realtor and he was advertising his name and company on both his side doors and rear window in order to get attention.  Another truck I saw, had the Oakland Raiders logo on the back window. Further down the road, I saw a pick up truck advertising banners on his back window in see thru window graphics.  It was really cool because he had a full color print and several colors were in the print.

Installing truck lettering is not a very difficult or expensive thing to do.  Many craft shops or major department store have individual lettering that is available to purchase and apply to your windows or side panels.  Stores like Pep Boys and other auto shops carry pre made graphics that are ready to install.

The key to truck lettering is to make absolutely sure the graphics are straight when you apply them.  Sometimes, using a little soap and water to clean the panel before hand and spraying soapy water on the panels or windows allows you to move the vinyl lettering before they actually stick to the window or panel. Common dish soap and water will work great for this use. Again, the key is to make sure the graphics are straight when applying to a truck.

Truck lettering will increase your business and display personality on a vehicle and separate you from other vehicles. They are easily put on with limited experience and not very expensive.