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Pop Up X Stand Banner Stands For Displays

Pop up x stand banner stands are very popular at conventions and trade shows .  Bcause they are cheap and easy to set up. They have distinct advantages over their cousin, the retractable banner stand.

X stand banner stands come with a convenient carrying case and set up is very easy. There are four hooks to the x stand banner stand that holds the vinyl banner in place. Two of the most popular x stands are the 24″ x 63″ and the 32″ x 71″ . You simply set up the x stand and then place the hook into the grommets located on the corner of the stand. So as tension keeps the banner straight. See this You Tube video for further information

Are Pop Up X Stand Banner Stands Used At Conventions ?

Pop up x stand banner stands are popular at Las Vegas conventions and trade shows. Las Vegas is the number one destination in the world for conventions and there are many sign shops in Las Vegas that cater specifically to the conventions. As such, plenty of x stand banner stands are kept ready to assist those companies and people with their graphics. These pop up x stand banner stands are easy to carry on airplanes and can be set up in a minute or less with only one person.

They can be placed side by side and create a wall looking graphic that is quite impressive. Just four of the 32″ wide x stands will give you a approximately a 10ft background wall graphic. Best of all, you can simply just throw away the graphic at the end of the show, keep your x stand frame and replace the graphic for your new convention show.

Pop up banner stands are available at your local sign shop or online. Many people prefer just to order the graphic and stand in Las Vegas so that there is no worries about damaged or lost graphics in transit.