Las Vegas 3/16 Foam Core Board Signs

Best Foam Core Board Sign Printing in Vegas

Best foam core board sign printing in Vegas can get you those foam board signs.  For your business presentation or convention. Foam Board Signs are very popular at conventions and trade shows in Las Vegas. These short term usage signs are perfect for displays since they are lightweight and inexpensive. Many customers will place these foam board signs on their display tables. Also on easels at the conventions and trade shows. The foam board signs are designed for short term usage and the businesses using them for display will simply toss them away at the end of a show rather than pack them up and take them home with them.

What Are The Popular Sizes For Best Foam Core Board Sign Printing ?

One of the most popular best foam board sign printing signs is the 20″ x 30″. This foam board sign can be ( and usually is ) printed in full color and can have pictures and logos printed on it. The print is then laminated in a matte lamination ( to reduce shine ).  Also it can be in a gloss lamination to really bring out the colors and make them bright and vivid.  This foam core board sign is placed on a 3/16ths foam board ( two outer resin layers and a foam middle ) and sells for about $21.00 . However. foam board signage comes in many other popular sizes including the 24″ x 36″ , 36″ x 48″ and 48″ x 96″ . Best foam board printing can also custom make your foam board signs to any size you need. The most common thickness is the 3/16ths and 1/2″ thickness depending upon your needs.

Best foam core board printing is available at your local sign store in the Las Vegas area. Generally speaking, the cheapest places to find your foam board signage.  Is sign stores near the convention or trade show venues.  As they have a tendency to make many of these signs.  And have the necessary materials in stock to print and make them.