Cheap Dust Permit Signs in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Sign Company Making Dust Permit Signs

Las Vegas Sign Company Making Dust Permit Signs in Vegas can get you that mandated dust control permit sign that is required by the Clark County Air Quality Board. The Air Quality Management Board regulates construction sites where dust is going to be in the air and they take pollution very seriously in Nevada. Not only are dust control signs mandatory, educational classes are also required for a permit to be issued.

 Las Vegas Sign Company Making Dust Permit Signs will make you that 4ft x 4ft dust control permit sign so that you can be in compliance with the dust sign rules and regulations. The 4ft x 4ft dust sign meets the new dust signage requirements issued by the Clark County Dept of Environment and Sustainability. The new dust sign regulations can be found at :

Las Vegas sign company making dust permit signs will usually use an aluminum substrate for your dust sign. Not only are these aluminum dust signs weather proof, they are also light weight compared to the heavy wood signs. ( However, some construction companies actually refer the old wooden dust signs when they are out in the desert or high wind areas of Clark County Nevada. The heavy sign help protects it against the wind but proper fastening to the ground posts is most important. Most people in Vegas prefer the lighter signs as they are much more manageable. The cost of an aluminum dust sign is $99. ( add about $25 to $50 for the heavier wood dust signs made with MDO board) These signs can be made rather quickly and only takes a day or two to make. Contact a local sign store in Clark County to order one of these dust signs for your construction project.