Las Vegas Cloth Fabric Step Repeat Banners

Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft Fabric Banner Sign Printing

Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft fabric banner sign printing makes those large fabric backdrop banners that are seen at Hollywood events and movie premiers. However, vendors and companies that come to Las Vegas like these fabric banners and now use them as backdrops for their display booths while they are promoting their companies. The companies place these large fabric banners at the back end of their booths so that people walking by will see them. The companies have their names, products, logo or other information printed on the banner to make it part of their marketing scheme.

Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft fabric banner sign printing can be in any color or combination of colors. In addition, pictures and logos can be printed on the 9oz polyester fabric material as well. The polyester fabric allows for a wrinkle free appearance. Most of the time, the customer wants pole pockets placed at the top and bottom of the fabric banner so that a pole can slide through for hanging purposes. The weight of the pole at the bottom puts tension on the fabric banner sign to keep it straight and wrinkle free. The cost of Las Vegas 8ft x 10ft fabric banner sign printing is about $3.00 a square foot and that comes with your choice of grommets or pole pockets. These fabric banners can be folded up after an event and used again and again. Your local laundromat cleaners will be able to machine wash them for a fresh appearance each time used. The fabric banners are easy to hang with an adjustable banner stand.

Sign companies like Posterhead Signs can print your fabric banners at a very reasonable price. There are several companies in Las Vegas that print signs and banners for the convention venues and a little shopping around will find you the best price.