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Las Vegas Tablecloth and Table Cover Printer

Las Vegas tablecloth and table cover printer keeps busy during the busy convention and trade show season. That is because the convention venues rent or sale 6ft or 8ft tables that need to have something on them to cover scratches or just their plain appearance. A custom printed 6ft tablecloth or custom printed 8ft tablecloth does just that. It turns an ordinary table into a marketing design that is sure to impress your clients.

Las Vegas tablecloth and table cover printer can print your custom table cover into any color you like. The sign printer can print pictures and logos on the tablecloth as well. The table cover themselves are printed using a polyester material that can be machined wash so that every time that it is used, it will look freshly laundered. Even though everybody is careful, people spill juices and coffee on these tablecloths and they need to be cleaned.

Las Vegas tablecloth and table cover printer can print these table coverings to fit a 6ft or 8ft design. ( the two standard size tables found at event venues ) Add a few banner stands and a backdrop banner for the rear of the display booth, and you pretty much have professional looking display booth for well under $1,000.00 . Best of all, all the marketing graphics listed above can be used over and over again at different events.

Custom printed table coverings have about a 3-4 day turnaround and cost around $135.00 for a 3 sided 6ft or 8ft table covering. These table cloths, banner stands, backdrop banners etc. can all be ordered ahead of your event and have ready for pick up when you arrive in Las Vegas. Contact one of the local Las Vegas sign stores that service the convention and trade show venues.