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Affordable Large Vinyl Banner Signs in Vegas

Affordable large vinyl banner signs are gaining in popularity in Las Vegas because they are a low cost approach to advertising that has been proven to be very effective. Large vinyl banner signs, once paid for, cost nothing to hang and display so that they can be seen by thousands of people over the next year or so. Affordable large vinyl banner signs are $2.00 a square foot, which makes them a very low cost marketing tool.

Las Vegas businesses located near major streets or highways are placing these affordable large vinyl banner signs on their buildings so that they can be observed by the thousands of vehicles that drive by their location every day.  The population of Las Vegas has risen dramatically in the last few years by all the Californians moving here and these large banners attract their attention and get noticed. Companies are placing these large signs on their buildings so that people driving by on the street or driving down the highway ( freeway) get to see their signs. Since the large banners are sometimes 8ft tall by 20 feet wide, they are easy to see and act as sort of a billboard, but without the monthly rental fees. The big vinyl banners are long lasting, so once the banners are in place, they can be left alone for several months. In some cases, businesses will rotate their large banners so that the public gets to see a new special or new marketing message so that the message does not get stale. At $2.00 a square foot, a large 8ft x 20ft banner will cost around $320.00 and makes for a great way to communicate with customers.

Affordable  large vinyl banners can be purchased at local Las Vegas sign shops like Posterhead Signs at great pricing. Take advantage of this low cost marketing approach.