Flyer Printing

Local Flyer Printer in Las Vegas

Your local flyer printer can get you those inexpensive flyers at a great price. Large bulk orders of 5,000 or more dramatically drop the price versus 1,000 or 500.

Your local flyer printer can have those flyers printed on one side or they can be printed double sided. Usually, the party flyers or business flyers are printed on both sides and have a special coating added to make the flyers look very professional.

The half page or 5.5″ x 8.5″ flyer is the most popular flyer size. Many local businesses will use this size because of its cost effectiveness¬† ( 5,000 half page flyers printed on both sides with a AQ coating are $150.00 or less ).¬† Many local eateries will print their menu on one side of the flyer and then print a coupon and instructions on how to contact them on the opposite side. A small map helps pinpoint their location to make it easy for people to find. The flyers will then be distributed to all the residences within a mile radius ( the core demographic customer of a neighborhood restaurant will live within a mile radius ) every few weeks to make certain that everybody knows who and where the restaurant is located. Extra flyers will be stapled to take out orders so that customers always have a menu in front of them. By changing out the food special, you will keep customers interested in your restaurant and gain a lot of business. Your local flyer printer can also print many other menu sizes to match your needs and budget.Your local printer can help you with the print design if you should need it and let you know in exactly what format the flyers need to be. Usually, 300 dpi, cmyk colors and¬† spacing is needed so that the print design does not go to the edge of the flyer where it can accidentally be cut off.