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Cheap Custom 4ft x 4ft Real Estate Signs in Vegas

Cheap custom 4ft x 4ft real estate signs can be specifically made for your real estate signage needs at a low price. After all, why pay retail when you can get the same signs made inexpensively and at a wholesale cost.  There is a tendency at businesses in Vegas to get as much as you can from a customer and move on. At Posterhead Signs, www.Posterhead.com we want your business and also your future business. Making large real estate signs is just one of the facets of our business.

Cheap custom 4ft x 4ft real estate signs are printed on a vinyl material and then laminated to help protect the print against the weather conditions of Las Vegas. In addition, it helps protect the print against scuffs and minor damage.  The print, after lamination, is then applied to a dibond type aluminum panel ( outer aluminum panels with a filler in the middle for strength ) or a wood panel, usually a 1/2″ thick substrate. The cost of a aluminum 4ft x 4ft realtor sign is $99 and the cost for the wood 1/2″ thick sign is $125.00. The signs are full color, meaning you can have as many colors printed on the sign as you want along with pictures, logos and background scenes to help market your property. Cheap custom 4ft x 4ft real estate signs are made and printed according to your wishes. The signs themselves take only a couple of days to make once the artwork is approved. Coordination with an installer can easily be arranged to make your real estate signage install as easiest as possible.

Your local sign shop will be able to answer further questions on your real estate signage needs to make your experience a positive one. After all, the goal is to market the property and your focus should be on that aspect.