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Custom 4ft x 8ft Signs in Vegas

Custom 4ft x 8ft signs make great business signs or real estate signs. Real estate professionals like to use large signs on properties like commercial or vacant land so that the signage can easily be noticed by people driving by the location. People take notice of the sign and if they are looking for property, all the contact information is on the sign for easy identification.  Many times this leads to the listing and sale of a property which makes the real estate agent happy because they collect commissions for both the sale and listing.

Custom 4ft x 8ft signs are used for signage on properties located adjacent to freeways and highways for maximum exposure. When traveling at high rates of speeds, large signage is required because people only have a few seconds to look at your signage and understand it and copy the necessary information to contact you. To make the signs bigger, sign shops will place several custom 4ft x 8ft signs next to each other to make it look like one very large sign. It sort of resemble a billboard but without the monthly rental fees and costs.

Custom 4ft x 8ft signs can use an aluminum substrate ( dibond type panel – outer aluminum skins with a filler in the middle for strength ) or MDO wood. Both signs have the print laminated to help protect it against the harmful Las Vegas sun and other weather conditions that would normally damage the sign over time. The cost of an aluminum 4ft x 8ft sign is approximately $175 and the cost of a wood sign is approximately $225.00.  The signs themselves only take a couple of days to make with the design of the sign usually the hardest part.

Your local sign company can assist you in choosing the right custom 4ft x 8ft signs for you.