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Metal 4ft x 8ft Outdoor Signs in Vegas

Metal 4ft x 8ft outdoor signs are a cheap, but yet effective way to get your name and marketing message across to people driving by. These metal outdoor signs can be placed on your building, be free standing or attached to fences to get your message seen. Since the signs are made with aluminum, they will not rust and last a long time under the Las Vegas weather conditions.

Metal 4ft x 8ft outdoor signs are used by realtors for vacant land and other large properties they have listed for sale or lease. The metal 4ft x 8ft outdoor signs are large enough to have lots of information printed on them like zoning, utility information, realtors name and contact information, logos, plot maps, etc. If the property is located near a freeway, many times the realtor will choose a bigger sign and place a couple of 4ft x 8ft signs together to make it a 8ft x 8ft or larger so that it is easier to be seen by people driving by at high rates of speed.

Metal 4ft x 8ft outdoor signs are printed with long lasting eco solvent ink and then have a laminate placed on top of the print to extend the life of the print. The Las Vegas sun is not forgiving during the summer months and the lamination helps prevent colors from fading. The prints are full color and can have as many colors on the sign as you would like. Logos, pictures and background scenes can also be printed on the signs as well. ┬áThe cost of a metal ( aluminum ) sign is approximately $175.00 and can be purchased at many of the sign stores in Las Vegas like Posterhead Signs. Thick MDO 1/2″ thick wood signs can also be made for an additional material fee if desired.