Cheaper Flyer Printing in Vegas

Cheapest Custom Flyer Printer in Vegas

Cheapest custom flyer printer in Vegas can get you those custom designed flyers at a great price. need a double sided half page flyer, we got them for 5,000 for $150.00 ! These are first class flyers printed on a 80 or 100lb paper with a AQ coating for the professional look that you are looking for. After all, why pay retail when you can get 1/2 page double sided full color flyers at wholesale pricing.

Many restaurants are utilizing flyers during these covid 19 times as a way to reach out to their neighborhood and community at a very low cost. These restaurants will make up a half page flyer ( 5.5″ x 8.5″ ) and have a menu on one side with pictures and on the opposite side their restaurant information along with a coupon to entice the people to use the flyer right away. They then have employees or their kids pass out the flyers to all the homes within a mile of their restaurant ( there demographic customer base ) . With 5,000 flyers, it is more than enough to get all the homes and apartments in the area at least twice along with enough flyers left over so that they can be attached to every take out order bag.

Your cheapest custom flyer printer can print flyers in many different sizes to best match your needs. These flyers can be printed on both sides so if you are in a bilingual area, you can print a menu in English on one side and then print another language on the opposite side so that everybody understands what you are selling. This method of advertising is bringing great results in these tough economic times.

Cheapest custom flyer printer can be found online by looking up the search term ” cheap flyer printing” and other related terms. Call around and make sure you get the best price and bang for your buck.


Las Vegas Window Sign Printers for Businesses by

Large Realty 4ft x 4ft Signs in Vegas

Large realty 4ft x 4ft signs are used to get your real estate marketing message across to people driving by a piece of property that is for sale or for lease. Large realty 4ft x 4ft signs will definitely get your property noticed. Larger realty 4ft x 8ft signs are also available to help market your property as well.

Large realty 4ft x 4ft signs can be made in full color and have your picture included on them as well. Legal information such as your real estate license number , equal opportunity logo, etc. can be placed on them as well.  The large realtor signs can be printed on a aluminum substrate or a MDO board ( wood ). The signs are laminated to help protect them against weathering in the hot Las Vegas summer sun and the windy winter months. The cost of an aluminum sign made on a 3/16ths thick aluminum substrate is less than $100 and the cost on the MDo wood 1/2″ thick sign is about $125.00.  Bothe signs can be made in a day or two with the design work ( artwork ) being the hardest part.

Large realty signs can also be made in many different sizes to accommodate your needs. The farther away the sign is from the public viewing, the larger it needs to be in order to be seen. Many times on very large construction projects or for signs adjacent to freeways and highways, people will make large 8ft x 16ft signs so that they act as sort of a billboard and are easily seen by passing cars. The design is split up into different sections and then placed together to look like one sign.

Large realty 4ft x 4ft signs can be purchased at local Las Vegas sign stores at very reasonable prices. Contact a sign store today and see how they can assist you with your real estate marketing needs.





Foam Core Signs, Foam Bard Signs

Quality Foam Board Sign Printer in Vegas

Quality foam board sign printer in Vegas is a good term to use when searching for foam core board signage in Las Vegas. Foam board signage are used for short term application signage at conventions and trade shows in the Las Vegas Valley. Your quality foam board sign printer can make these signs inexpensively on different thicknesses of foam board to match your needs.

Foam boards are usually printed on a 3/16ths or 1/2″ thick foam board and then laminated with a matte or glossy lamination. Both types of lamination protect the print from scratches and minor scuffs.  The matte lamination allows for pictures to be taken as it is not reflective, but somewhat dulls the finish of the print. The glossy lamination on the other hand makes the design print shine but is reflective of surrounding lighting. The foam core boards are lightweight and usually placed on easels or on top of tables for display and then simply discarded after the event is over. The foam boards can be any color or combination of colors and can also have pictures and logos printed on them. Photographers use foam boards in many cases to show of their photography with a matte lamination for a professional look.  Also, at convention venues, foam boards placed on easels are great for helping direct people to the right location if they are not sure where the event is taking place.

Your local quality foam board printer can print these foam board signs for about $5.00 a square foot for 1/16ths thick foam board and about $9.00 a square foot for 1/2″ thick foam board. Of course, lamination is included in this price and your local sign company can help you with the necessary equipment ( easels, frames , etc ) if necessary to display the signs.  Since the foam boards are short term and fragile, many out of state people displaying at the event centers prefer having the signs made locally to prevent shipping expenses and damage.


Vegas Store Sign Lettering

Best Quality Window Signage in Vegas

Best quality window signage in Vegas is great for when you need bold and vivid window signs to spruce up your business location. Windows are usually considered dead advertising space but smart businesses and stores are learning the value of placing business advertisement on these windows in order to attract attention of people driving by. Fast food giants like McDonalds and Burger King utilize window advertisement to the fullest in order to sell their products and grab your attention. Furniture stores are notorious for painting their windows with sale related items in bright prink and neon colors to grab your attention as you drive your car by.

Best quality window signage is great for window perf signage that allows you to have advertisement printed on your windows where only the customer outside your business can see it and you do not. When employees or customers on the inside of your business, they look outside and all they see is a window film that blocks the direct sunlight. The advertisement on the outside of your window can be any color or combination of colors and pictures can be printed on your windows as well.  The installation of the window perf can be dome by a sign installation expert or by yourself if you think you can do it after watching You Tube videos on the subject. Window perf installation is much like window tint or wallpaper installation. Vinyl lettering for window signs is also a strong possibility especially with bright neon vinyl graphics. ( The neon vinyl will discolor over time and loose it vivid neon color )

Best quality window signage can be found at sign shops like Posterhead Signs in Vegas. These Vegas sign stores utilize newer technology printers that have inks designed to last a long time in the hot summer sun of a Las Vegas summer.





Las Vegas Tablecloth & Table Cover Printer by

Quality Printed Tablecloths For Events in Vegas

Quality printed tablecloths can really make your presentation booth stand out amongst your competition. While the events and show venues supply a 6 foot or 8 foot used table for your booth, they are usually scratched and in poor condition. By placing quality printed tablecloths with your company name and logo on top of the table, you cover up the ugly table and make your company name stand out.

Millions of people come to Las Vegas yearly for the conventions and trade shows. The large events are held at one of the three large convention venues or at one of the Las Vegas strip Hotels that have ample room to host smaller events. The larger venues have over one million square feet of convention floor space that can be subdivided into smaller sections so that numerous conventions can be held at the same time. All the businesses rent display space at these venues that attract millions of people annually and thousands of signs are needed for these events. Some of these signs are very large and impressive, while the average display booth has a couple of banner stands, banners, table cover and other forms of signage.

Quality printed tablecloths are printed on a polyester material and can be made for the 6ft or 8ft tables in any color. Anything can be printed on the custom printed tablecloths such as logos and pictures. These quality printed tablecloths can be used at many convention and shows because they are durable and can be machined wash after an event to make them look like new. The quality printed tablecloths cost around $135.00 each and take about 4 working days to make since they have to be printed with special inks.

Contact your local Las Vegas sign company and see how these tablecloths can improve your overall display appearance at events.