Cheaper Flyer Printing in Vegas

Double Sided Flyer Printing in Vegas

Double sided flyer printing is great for maximizing the potential of your marketing flyers. Why not use both sides of a piece of paper to get the most information possible out to your clients so that you can get the most business.

Many smaller businesses use double sided flyer printing to make flyers so they can pass them out to their customers. Local take out restaurants will make these types of flyers in various sizes so that they can include them in every take out bag so that they always have a reminder of how to contact them and what type of food items they offer. They will also pass out these flyers to every residence within a one mile radius ( statistics show that their core customer base comes from within a mile radius for small local restaurants ) and on this flyer have a map to their location, easy recognition of their name and contact info, a menu of food items and some sort of food special to get people to act immediately. Many businesses use these low cost flyers as a way to effectively market their business with great results. They simply purchase 5,000 double sided flyers at around $160.00 and have there family or employees canvass an area and place the flyers on everyone’s door.  The 5,000 flyers are more than enough to cover a few saturations with left over flyers to use for customer’s take out orders.

Double sided flyer printing in Vegas can include many different sizes. The most popular sizes are the 1/4 page, half page and full page flyers. These flyers are offset printing with large million dollar printers and coated with a special coating to give them a shiny or matte finish that is very professional in appearance. Contact you local print shop or sign store for more information.