Acrylic Business Signs

Acrylic Wall Artwork Signs in Vegas

Acrylic wall artwork signs are growing in popularity in Las Vegas like never before. These modern, sleek looking signs stand away from the wall with spacers to give a 3D dimensional look to your artwork. You see them everywhere, dental offices, doctor offices, attorney offices, and many other professional businesses. Businesses are also using these acrylic signs for their logos and marketing needs.

Acrylic wall artwork comes in different sizes to match your needs. The most popular sizes are the 16″ x 24″, 20″ x 30″ and the 24″ x 36″ sizes. Vivid and bright gloss vinyl prints are face mounted on a 1/4″ thick acrylic / plexiglass sheet and then backed with a white vinyl to make your colors on your design really stand out. Four holes are placed in the corners and one inch spacers are included in the price to make your wall art really stand out and give it a 3D dimensional look. The finished product can be used indoors or outdoors, are waterproof and uv safe.

Many businesses are using these sleek impressive signs for signage for their business to advertise prices. For example, a local nail salon in Vegas is using a 24″ x 36″ acrylic sign to list all their prices for the services they charge. The sign is very elegant and people seem happy to have such a sign showing off prices. Businesses will also place these acrylic wall artwork signs behind receptionist desks with impressive results using the one inch spacers that set it apart from the wall for sort of a 3D type look.

Acrylic wall artwork signs can be purchased from your local sign companies here in Las Vegas Nevada. If you should find yourself in need of assistance, your sign company can assist you in designing or recommend a competent and inexpensive graphic designer to make your wall art sign.