Printing of Cheap Flyers

Cheap Disposable Menu Flyers in Vegas

Cheap disposable menu flyers are a quick, sure fire way to get your restaurant rolling in these uncertain times. Due to the coronavirus and all the related health issues, it has been recommended that Las Vegas area restaurants use disposable food menus instead of the reusable menu for health reasons. After the meal, the disposable food menus are simply tossed into the trash can along with the other rubbish. At the cost of a few pennies each, it seems like the right thing to do in order to help stop the spread of the coronavirus. With the health department out doing inspections, using cheap disposable menu flyers is probably smart.

Cheap disposable menu flyers are just that, cheap. At about three cents each in bulk, you can buy a half page flyer measuring 8.5″ x 11.5″ that are printed on one side or both sides of the paper. The flyer is printed with any combination of colors and pictures of your food can also be printed on the flyer to entice people. The paper used is either 80 or 100lb paper and has a special coating on the paper after print which gives it a glossy sheen in appearance. Many small take out restaurants in neighborhood use these cheap flyers as a way to promote their restaurants to people in the neighborhood. They simply pass out these flyers to every residence within a mile of their location ( since this is there customer base ) and get great returns. Five thousand flyers sell for about $160.00 and five thousand flyers can generally cover a neighborhood 2 or 3 times.

In these hectic times, disposable flyers need to be cheap to use and also flexible because prices of food items will undoubtedly need to change to reflect rising ingredients and circumstances. At 50% recommended capacity for restaurant, thing will get tough.