Flyer and Brochure Printing

Low Priced Flyer Printer Store in Vegas

Low priced flyer printer store in Vegas can get you those inexpensive business flyers for your business. Low cost flyers has become popular in these hard economic times. Many smaller businesses are using them as a means to market to their customers in the neighborhood.

Many smaller restaurants are using flyers as a way to reach out to their neighborhood customers and let the know about their food specials. These restaurants know that their customer base lives within a mile of their store and convention marketing ( radio, television, mass mailings, newspapers, etc. ) are not cost effective. However, by purchasing flyers at their low priced flyer printer store, they have the ability to buy the flyers and then have a professional service place them on every residence within a mile of their location or simply have their children and employees distribute the flyers.  Currently, you can buy five thousand one half page flyers that are printed on both sides in full color for around $160.00 . These flyers are printed on a 80 or 100lb glossy paper which makes them very professional looking. Of course, many different sized flyers are available as well. Five thousand flyers will usually cover a mile radius 2 or 3 times. One side usually has a food special and contact information while the other side has a complete menu.

In addition to flyers, your low priced flyer printer can also get you wholesale pricing on brochures, business cards, door hangars, etc. All these products can be printed on both sides and in full color. Usually a UV or AQ coating is added ( at no additional charge )  to give your finished product a shiny coating which in turn gives off a very professional appearance.

Contact your local low priced flyer printer store and get started today marketing your business in a cost effective manner.