Backdrop Banners

Trade Show Backdrop Banner Signs

Trade show backdrop banner signs are more frequently being used at trade shows and conventions than ever before. Vendors realize that a large backdrop banners or step and repeat banners in the background is a great way to brand your company or show off products and services. After all, if people are facing your display booth, why not have visual reinforcement of your company name or products in the background rather than just a plain wall ? The trade show backdrop banner signs are easy to set up if you are setting up your own display booth, as they come with pockets at the top and bottom so that poles can slide through the banner and be displayed.

Trade show backdrop banner signs are usually printed on a vinyl banner material or a fabric material depending upon your needs. The vinyl banner material is much more durableĀ  as it is usually printed on a 13 ounce vinyl material that can be rolled up and used over and over again at different events. The vinyl banner sign is subject to wrinkling because it needs to be stored properly each time and many times items are laid on it or the banner flatten outs over time. The fabric material is wrinkle free as it can be stretched and looks much nicer than the vinyl banner material, but is more delicate and subject to snaring. The fabric backdrop can also be used over and over again if proper care is taken. The cost of the vinyl banner sign is about two dollars a square foot and three dollars a square foot for fabric. This price includes a full color print in any color / colors, which includes pictures and logos. The trade show backdrop banner signs can also be hemmed with grommets or have pole pockets at the top and bottom for a pole to slide through for hanging purposes.