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Window Lettering Graphics and Signs

Window lettering graphics and signs can really make your business ” pop” and impress customers. Why not take advantage of low cost window lettering graphics and signs on your windows and attract more customers ?

While the government agencies regulate many business signs, they seem to be a little more relaxed about store windows. For example, look at McDonald’s hamburger place. It seems each window has a sign on it promoting their different products. Some of these signs are solid vinyl and some are window perforation film ( a specialty film where you can print on the outside film so that the people on the outside only see what is printed on the film, yet the people n the¬†inside can see out.¬† This is because the window perforation film has little holes in it. Most stores have window space for signs that they do not use. it would be smart to take advantage of the window space by placing window perf or vinyl lettering on your windows and maybe list your store products or services that you offer. This way, when people drive by your store, they may take interest in something that you offer. Once vinyl lettering is placed on a window, it will last for years. The vinyl lettering is inexpensive and can be installed by yourself or a sign professional.

Window lettering graphics and signs are cheap and a great way to achieve marketing results at a low cost. Window perforation film that is custom printed for your windows costs around $3.50 a square foot and can be installed yourself. The vinyl lettering is just as cheap and also easy to install. Both the window perforation film and vinyl lettering can be changed out every few months so you can advertise new products and services. Contact your local sign store about this low cost marketing opportunity to enhance your business.