Menu Flyer Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap Menu Printing in Las Vegas

Cheap menu printing in Las Vegas is available at discount pricing in the local area. Whether you need 1/4 page., 1/2 page or full page menus, discount printing is available. Cheap menu printing will allow you to pass out those take out menus with every take out order and keep your food products in front of the customer for great results.

Cheap menu printing is printed on 100lb paper with various coatings like AQ, Gloss,  Matte, etc. Menu printing can also be on 14pt card stock and 10pt card stock as well, depending upon your needs. ( 14pt card stock and 10pt card stock are more like postcard type thickness  and make for great in-house type menus, but wouldn’t be good for take out menus as they do not fold like paper )

Fast food restaurants love cheap menu printing ! When customers food is being packaged for take out, the restaurant will include a menu inside the take out package in hopes of getting the customer to reorder food at a future date. On these menus, you can print pictures of the food and add as many colors as you like to promote your business. Many fast food restaurants will also make menus and then have their employees canvass the neighborhood within a half mile radius and leave a menu on people’s front door in order to let the neighbors know that they are in business. This is especially important in Las Vegas where there is a great turnover of people in apartment complexes and neighborhoods due to the transitory nature of Nevadans.

Take advantage of cheap menu printing and see your business grow. Menu flyers are easy to pass out and have a great return on your investment. contact your local printer today. Prices start off at around $160.00 for 5,000 double sided half page flyers.