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Truck Glass Lettering and Signs For Advertisement

Truck glass lettering and signs are a great way to turn a company vehicle or personal vehicle into a rolling advertisement that will be seen by thousands of fellow drivers. Truck glass lettering and signs are cheap and a easy solution to getting your name and contact information in the public’s eye.

Truck glass lettering and signs¬†are simple, place vinyl plotted lettering on your truck rear glass or side glass so that it can be seen by other people. You can place your company name, like, Joe’s Plumbing and a telephone number to let everyone know that you are a plumber. If Joe’s Plumbing has a fleet of vehicles, they can also put a number in the window as well to help identify which company vehicle it is as well. The cost of placing 3 lines of white vinyl text on the back of the window ( without installation ) is about $35.00. A professional can install the lettering or you can simply d it yourself. There are many videos on the internet to help you understand how to do it yourself. The vinyl lettering placed on the truck glass is usually white or yellow as these colors easily stand out on glass.

Truck glass lettering and signs also includes decals and stickers as well. While these full color vinyl decals and stickers may impede visibility, some people choose to include this type of signage on their truck glass by placing them in spots where they do not hinder visibility and comply with the law. These decals can be any color and see through decals and stickers can also be used. A see through graphic allows for people on the inside of the truck to see perfectly outside while the people on the outside only see what you have printed on your see through decal. This is because your decal has small holes in it which allows visibility.