Realtor Signs

Customized Real Estate Signs

Customized real estate signs can get you that custom printed wood or metal sign that is just the right size for your listing. A realtor sign is very important for a listing agent as it has been said that a sign will lead to a sale of a property 10% of the time. That is very important to realtors because they can double their commission if they represent the buyer and seller. This amounts to a substantial amount of money on properties exceeding $500,000 in value. Customized real estate signs are worth their value and that is why many real estate professionals require them on their listings.

Customized real estate signs come in many sizes to accommodate the property that is being listed for sale or for lease. While a standard 18″ x 24″ aluminum sign might be great for a residential listing, that same size sign would get lost on a 1 acre piece of vacant land that is for sale. Realtors prefer a larger sign on vacant land so that it can more readily be noticed by potential buyers passing by. A realtor might prefer a 4ft x 4ft wood sign that is big enough to be seen by passing cars and also allows for a lot of information about the property to be placed onto the sign to help determine if the property is right for them. The sign might contain information about the zoning, utilities available, broker information, realtor information and other pertinent information about the property that makes it unique. The signs can be full color and also include a picture of the realtor if he / she chooses. The signs are then laminates so to help protect them against the harsh summer sun.

Customized real estate signs can be purchased at local sign stores in the Las Vegas area at very affordable pricing.